Looking for powerful women


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Looking for powerful women

  1. 1. Looking For Powerful WomenNetwork MarketingThe Leader of our Super WomenLayla BlackDid you know that roughly 70% of all network marketing is done bywomen?Empower Network Has GoneViral!However, that is not the reason to join us. It is clear that Empower Network isthe fastest growing company online, which means “Now” is the time to joinPERIOD!!!If you have been in network marketing for a while you know that there are alot of companies that make empty promises. Empower Network is leap yearsahead of all of the other network marketing companies out there. We empowerYOU and give you the tools to empower others.Why Are we so different?
  2. 2.  Credibility Edification Strong Community Support Leadership Development Step by step expert training you cannot get anywhere else They actually tell you all the real secrets to network marketingGet inside and see the wealth of knowledge and support. It will blow your mindjust like it did mine! In the past I have paid thousands of dollars for differenttraining courses, BUT NONE of them combined, had ¼ of what I am learninghere. Here at Empower you get the real secrets! You will learn marketing tipsand tricks that will blow your mind, even if you are a seasoned marketer like me.The training is ongoing, so when someone discovers a cool tip or trick, they shareit!So stay with the company you already have and let Empower teach you how toexplode your business.Bring your list with you...Because we have amazing products that you get 100% commissions on. Now youwill have two streams of income! Can you see it?“Building a Business While Having a Life”That is the tag line for the Empower Network, because that is exactly what wewant to help you do. It is the reason that over 100,000 customers and affiliateshave decided to join our movement in just a short period of time.Its a network marketing stampede!They are running to Empower because:1. All the information you need is here2. You can build your own team without having to coach them (Empowerdoes that)3. No phone calls4. No bugging friends and family5. No house parties6. We train your down line7. We provide the technical support for your down line8. Gives you time to focus on building your own team
  3. 3. 9. Frees you up to live your life!10. You are paid directly into your checking account, weekly, daily, or even bythe hour.You are ultimately responsible for your own success. The information that youneed to have success is contained in the (training) products. That is why you needto buy the products… You can not sell the products if you dont own them. So goall in, and start making a massive income off the list you already have!If you do not have a list, we teach you how to build one! No stone is left unturnedwith Empower Network.Most all network marketing companies in this niche sell the dream, but teachpeople to live the nightmare. The difference with the Empower Network is thatwe sell the dream, and teach people how to live it.I love the advice that David gave to Justin Verrengia when he found out that heused to be on the phone all day prospecting…"Put down the phone and pick up the paycheck.”Network marketing has changed forever. The avenues in which we market havechanged, the people we are recruiting have changed. Get out of the stone agesand connect with Empower!Ladies and gentlemen, let’s build you a business AND get you a life.If you are on the fence, dont wait another minute! Getstarted! Come join my team where womenmarketers are Super Women! And yes, there aretons of Super"men" on the team too! Networkmarketing for this century!Watch this video and sign upright here!
  4. 4. You are going to learn so muchon my team!“Building a Business While Having a Life”Susie Brown