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Digital marketing-sushnato


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A small attempt to recreate a typical digital marketing scenario on a smaller platform.

Published in: Marketing, Business, Sports
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Digital marketing-sushnato

  1. 1. Sports Marketing On Digital Media Presented By: Sushnato Dutta
  2. 2. Objective • Demonstrate Sports Marketing • Evaluate Digital Sports marketing v/s Traditional Sports Marketing • Examples: – Sachin Tendulkar – F1 cars
  3. 3. Stages • Promotion of sport to the public in order to increase participation – Marketing of Sports • Advertising of sport and sports associations – promotion is directly related to sports • Use of sporting events, sporting teams and individual athletes to promote various products – products can but do not have to be directly related to sports
  4. 4. Strategy • Opportunity: – Enthusiasm of sports in Dual Country Programme – Lack of platform for a concentrated effort • Idea: – Using digital media for target market – Invite fellow teams of DIGM to advertise with us • Target: – Dual Country Programme students till date
  5. 5. Strategy • Medium – Facebook The most popular Social Media Site – Blogs Every one wants a third party opinion – Mobile Apps Connectivity as you go!!!
  6. 6. Implementation • Facebook page – – Partnered with “IMT Gooodies” Deal: Likes from all team members • Blogs: – Neha Dalal : Random Ramblings – Salil Srivastava : My Trysts With Life – Sushnato Dutta : In a lighter Vein Deal : One Cold Coffee • Mobile App: – Copy the QR code for a demo
  7. 7. Thank You