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How To Start Twitter For Teachers Easiest Way


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I created slides for teachers who are not tech savvies but are interested in starting using a web2.0 technology to teach, manage, and connect with students.

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How To Start Twitter For Teachers Easiest Way

  1. 1. How to Start Twitter! For Teachers to Manage a Course Open a browser, type , and push Enter. You will see the following page.
  2. 2. Set up your account.
  3. 3. Just skip this step.
  4. 4. Just Finish.
  5. 5. Click on Home.
  6. 6. This is your Twitter home.
  7. 7. Add more account information. Don’t check this! Click on Save. Then open the Device tab.
  8. 8. Students can put their cell phone numbers to get alerted (on assignments). Of course, you as a teacher can put your number there.
  9. 9. Back to Home
  10. 10. Ask your students to “follow” you.
  11. 11. You as a teacher can add your students’ emails. In the box, your students will put your (instructor’s) email and click on Invite.
  12. 12. Back to Home Write up 140 words for your students. • Examples: – Assignment 3 due tomorrow. – Do you remember what “good morning” is in Japanese?