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iChew - Exciting?

As a part of a competition of DoMS, IIT Madras, we were suposed to do a need gap analysis of market and come up with an innovative product to bridge the gap. As a result of it came iChew- a chewing gum contraceptive!
Also, we were to popularise the idea and get reactions of people and seek their acceptance...this was done by a social media marketing campaign @

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iChew - Exciting?

  1. 1. iChew Team: TVSGreat Lakes Institute ofManagement,Chennai
  2. 2. Product & Concept - iChew Safe and smart contraceptive chewing gum that offers you an effective way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy Low dosage with lesser side effects Emergency contraceptive chewing gum unlike the 21 day pill, can be taken 24 hrs before to 48 hrs after intercourse
  3. 3. Product & Concept - iChew Why?iChew will shatter the negative connotations attached with pillsavailable in market
  4. 4. Product & Concept - iChew How?It works in any of the three different ways depending on where you may be in your menstrual cycle.It may stop an egg If an egg has been If the egg isbeing released released, iChew already fertilized,from the ovary. may prevent the it may prevent it sperm from from attaching fertilizing it. itself to the lining of the uterus.
  5. 5. Technological aspects and feasibility• Low dosage Emergency Oral Contraceptive (ECP)• Contains Estrogen and Progestin• Research has considerably brought down levels of Progestin in ECP
  6. 6. The Journey Through Round II Introduction Acceptability Conclusions
  7. 7. …opinions, discussions and participation frompeople across 19 nations
  8. 8. What are the shortcomings of the currently available contraceptive pills? Other 3% Costly 15% The popping pills gives the feeling as if one is under medication 42% Not 100% safe 45%Needs to follow a regular time table without missing out on any day 64% Multiple Side Effects 70% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
  9. 9. Are you aware of the side effects of contraceptive pills ? Other 6%Something that could motivate people to use them 48%The need to follow a regular time table is not there 55% Something which takes away its medicinal tag 39% Lesser Side effects 73% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
  10. 10. Are you willing to use a contraceptive pill which is in the form of a chewing gum? 9% Yes No 91%
  11. 11. Does it excites you if the contraceptive chewinggum is available you in form of various flavors? 12% Yes No 88%
  12. 12. Segmentation
  13. 13. Targeting
  14. 14. Positioning
  15. 15. Pricing & Budget EstimationParticulars Budget Per Unit Cost (Breakeven at 2,40,000)Research & Development 25,00,000 10.41Marketing Cost 50,00,000 20.83Administration Cost 15,00,000 6.25Website Maintenance 2,00,000 0.83Total Misc Cost 92,00,000 38.33
  16. 16. Pricing & Budget EstimationParticulars Detail Per Unit CostChemical Cost 3Making Cost 1.5Packaging Cost 1.5Total manufacturing Cost 6Total Misc Cost (R&D, *break-up was explained 38.33Marketing, Administration etc) on previous slideExcise 8% of 60% of Retailer 2.62 PriceCNF Cost 5% of Distributor Price 2.36Distributor Margin 10% of Retailer Price 5.17Retailer Margin 20% Profit Margin 10.85Exclusive VAT 5% of MRP 3.45MRP (inclusive of VAT) 69
  17. 17. 0-level Distribution ChannelOnline Retail
  18. 18. 2-level Distribution Channel
  19. 19. Visual Merchandising
  20. 20. Visual Merchandising
  21. 21. Dispensers
  22. 22. Other Distribution Channels• Women Merchandise shops• Accessory shops• Spas and Saloons• Partnering with Women Health Care and Life Style centers like VLCC.• Co - retailing and Bundling in future e.g. with Sanitary Pads Napkins.
  23. 23. First Roll Out
  24. 24. Second Roll Out
  25. 25. Brand Ambassador
  26. 26. Questions???