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Shopping mall


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Shopping mall

  1. 1. A “SYNOPSIS” ON “IMPACT OF SHOPPING MALL IN SMALL TOWN ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR” (AN OVERVIEW)SUBMITTED FOR THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF THE DEGREE of MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Department of Management Studies, Jai NarainVyas University, Jodhpur (Raj.) 2011-2013Supervised by: Submitted By:Dr. MeetaNihlani KirtiJaiswal st(M.B.A., Ph.D.) (M.B.A., 1 Sem.)
  2. 2. To,The Head of Department,Department of Management Studies,Jai NarainVyas University,Jodhpur.Date:Respected Ma’am,Subject: Synopsis for the term paper on topic ―IMPACT OF SHOPPING MALL IN SMALL TOWN ONCONSUMER BEHAVIOUR”. .In requirement of the partial fulfillment for MBA, 1st Semester, I want to submit the synopsis ofterm paper on the topic “IMPACT OF SHOPPING MALL IN SMALL TOWN ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR”.under the supervision of Dr. (Mrs.) MeetaNihlani.So, kindly grant me permission to prepare term paper on the above mentioned topic.Thanking you.Yours Sincerely,KirtijaiswalMBA, 1st Semester.Introduction:
  3. 3. . This article starts with the impact of shopping mall, but what shopping mall in generalmeans ‘it is a group of stores or shops in a building’. The first thing that comes in our mind aboutthe shopping malls is that it is a big enclosed building housing a variety of shops or products. Butin brief a shopping mall, shopping centre, shopping arcade or simply mall is one or morebuildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnectingwalkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area — amodern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. This article presentsthe current changing scenario of shopping mall in small townconsumers and impact of malls in their buying behavior. This article provides information aboutthe changing stories of the small town consumers, their rising incomes in the hands of the youngpopulation, expansions in the availability of the products and services, easy availability of thecredit and rising acceptability of debts has affected the buying behaviors of consumers.Thisexamines the impact of growing congestion of shopping mall in urban areas on shoppingconveniences and shopping behavior.India and its markets are undergoing a sweeping change. This change is not only in the marketstructures but also in the way goods are being sold. Today markets and their processes are moreflexible in all aspects like price, delivery and choices etc. The new Snow-white market placeshave started to replace the traditional bazaar into malls.India has a large middle class as well asyouth population, which has contributed greatly to the retail phenomenon. The middle class isconsidered to be a major potential customer group. The youth are perceived as trend setters anddecision makers.Scenario of malls in small townWhile the malls in small town are attracting a lot of interest in the form of footfalls of visitors,they are not able to convert a sufficient number of these into purchases. This is where the mallsneed to be flexible and learn from the kirana stores – a traditional format of small, cornerretailers popular in india.The problem being studied in this article is that of the Indian malls andhow to adapt them to the Indian context. It looks at the possibility of the malls replacing theKirana stores (a popular form of market stores in India) by adopting a flexible strategy whichenables it to successfully adopt the key features of these local stores and at the same time providethe benefits of the shopping malls. The study undertakes an analysis of the attitudes of small
  4. 4. town consumers towards these malls and how the malls need to modify themselves to betterservice the Indian consumer.Impact of malls on consumers buying behaviorThe consumer decision- making process is a complex phenomenon. The purchase of goods orservices includes a number of factors that could affect each decision. Decision making is morecomplex and even more important for consumers today than in the past. Consumers are attractedby advertising, news articles, and direct mailings that provide an abundance of information,much of it with mixed messages.In addition, increases in the number and variety of goods, stores, and shopping malls, and theavailability of multi component products and electronic purchasing capabilities have broadenedthe sphere for consumer choice and have complicated decision making. With certain decision-making traits that combine to form a consumers decision-making styles Understanding buyingbehavior pattern in shopping malls is not enough without understanding the composition andorigin of the customer. Today most of the small town customers are attracted by the differentthings. So that most of the Indian shopping malls don’t know what they want and looses theircredibility and loyalty in customers.Academicians and researchers have long been interested in identifying these underlying decisionstyles of shoppers. For example, consumers are identified as economic shoppers, personalizingshoppers, ethical shoppers, apathetic shoppers, store- loyal shoppers, recreational shoppers,convenience shoppers, price-oriented shoppers, brand- loyal shoppers, name-conscious shoppers,problem-solving shoppers, quality shoppers, fashion shoppers, brand conscious shoppers andimpulse shoppers and they act according to their characters in buying different things.Objectives:
  5. 5. 1. To understand the how changes are coming in the mind of customer regarding shopping malls in small town. 2. To find the impact of demographics like age, income, gender on buying behavior of consumers. 3. To find out what difficulties consumer are facing at the time of buying and after buying in shopping malls. 4. To identify good & bad experiences regarding shopping malls.Assumptions:Shopping mall needs to responds to following challenges in small town. 1. Despite the ability of different product and services shopping malls need to improve their selling pattern. 2. Understanding buying behavior pattern in shopping malls is not enough without understanding the composition and origin of the customer. 3. In today market there are lots of general store existing in the market and they are also giving a big challenge to shopping malls in small town.Research Methodology: Primary Data Primary Data will be collected by using survey method with the help closed end questionnaire. Sample size 50 people Sample design People of all segments who are buying goods or not buying goods from shopping mall. Area of Research Jodhpur Sampling technique Random Secondary data
  6. 6. The secondary data was collected from various books, reports, articles, websites and othersources.Bibliography: AligthelminSOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES(2008) C L Tyagi, Arun Kumar(2009) CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Aviv shoham and majamakeovecBrencic(2003)Compulsive buying behavior. Journal of consumer marketing,vol20,no2.References: malls-Live-Project-of-CB-Raghvendra-Patel-amp-Shrisir-Pratap-Singh