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The quest of life: the unsolved riddle


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a beautiful and intriguing poem on the mystery of life..
i heard about this contest from:

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The quest of life: the unsolved riddle

  1. 1. When I probed life….
  2. 2. Whenever my mind begins to ponder over this deep, dark secret,
  3. 3. however hard tried, I wonder, my wisdom fails to get it correct.
  4. 4. O! you wise people of the world can you lend me your wits?
  5. 5. to crack the puzzle which bothers, though I strive hard to solve it.
  6. 6. What is life? The meaning? The definition? Go on, give yourself a try,
  7. 7. For it still remains a stubborn question which never fades nor gets dry.
  8. 8. some say, it’s about celebrating each day some smile and face it as it comes their way.
  9. 9. some stagger and stammer at the sight of perils, others vile away the moments in nags, jibes and quarrels.
  10. 10. there are warriors, who fight their battle till their last beat and breathe.
  11. 11. but this world is not devoid of those who sacrifice their life and embrace death.
  12. 12. Still, life is the same to all of us whether we wish or not,
  13. 13. with boulders and pits all along the path where we leap, sprint and trot.
  14. 14. careful, watch every single step, for we never know what lies next
  15. 15. you miss a beat, alas! you go, leaving unaccomplished your lone quest.
  16. 16. so what, if you fell, c'mon you can still stand up,
  17. 17. for failure is not in falling, but it’s failing to get up.
  18. 18. life to me is just living and wearing an everlasting smile
  19. 19. for it makes you tough as a wall, and never lets you be glassy fragile.
  20. 20. Still, you can define it with a difference if not heartily satisfied.
  21. 21. for it still remains a stubborn question, no matter how many times tried.