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Introduction to openSUSE KDE repositories and maintenance model for COSCUP

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  • Backports of latest application releases to stable openSUSE releases, ex. Bludevil, konversation, ktorrent, digikam, non following KDE release cycle Additional packages maintained by the KDE team, ex. Kamoso, kde-telepathy, several poplar plasmoid, plasma theme, but they are shipped as stable version from developer Unstable KDE Applications, collects various unreleased applications
  • oS KDE Repos & MM

    1. 1. openSUSE KDE Repositories & Maintenance ModelMax LinopenSUSE Teammlin@suse.com
    2. 2. openSUSE KDE Repos. – Classified • Updated KDE Software Compilation release as core packages • KDE UpdatedApps • KDE Extra • KDE Unstable Playground2
    3. 3. openSUSE KDE Repos. - Core Packages • Upstream KDE 4.9 release (aka. KR49) • Upstream KDE 4.8 release (aka. KR48) • Previous upstream 4.7 release (aka. KR47) • Previous upstream 4.6 release (aka. KR46) • Unstable KDE SC (aka. KUSC) • openSUSE KDE Stable (aka. KDS)* • openSUSE KDE Factory (aka. KDF)*3
    4. 4. openSUSE KDE Repos. - Ex. 12.1 with KR49• Version: 12.1Core packages:http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Release:/49/openSUSE_12.1/Extra:http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Extra/KDE_Release_49_openSUSE_12.1/Unstable:Playground:http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground/KDE_Release_49_openSUSE_12.1/Unstable:Playground:Telepathy:http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground:/Telepathy/KDE_Release_49_openSUSE_12.1/ Reference: http://en.opensuse.org/KDE_repositories 4
    5. 5. How To Apply? • YaST 1) open YaST → Software Repositories 2) add the repositores what you would like use • Apper 1) open Apper → Settings → Software Origins → Edit Origins 2) follow YaST section 2) • zypper 1) sudo zypper ar -c <repository path> <repository alias> 2) sudo zypper ref 3) sudo zypper dup --from <repository alias>5
    6. 6. When New KDE SC Ready To Release 1) Create new repository KR{x.y} in OBS 2) Add/Enable repositores what would for build packages 3) Add all sources (RPM format!) 4) OBS started packaging them 5) Fixing packaging issue and make sure all are build succeeded after upstream announced release news... 6) Publish packages6
    7. 7. Maintenance Workflow openSUSE:12.1:Update KDE:Distro:Stable Submit to Update project Package.ID PackagePackage link Project link Submit to KDE Stable project openSUSE:12.1 home:user:branches:KDE:Distro:Stable Specify reason Package Package7
    8. 8. Development Workflow openSUSE:Factory KDE:Distro:Factory Forward to openSUSE Factory project Package Package Submit to KDE Factory project home:user:branches:KDE:Distro:Factory Package8
    9. 9. Submit a new package • Decided this package is belong to which projectQt application? KDE application?KDF? KDE Extra? KUP? • If you already submit the package to wrong place?No worries! Maintainer will tell you that this package go to wrong projectand will point you where it should go :) • Ask on IRC or mailing list before you submit the package!9
    10. 10. How To Involve? • Translate wiki pages to Chinese • Fixing packaging issue or update package to new versionOBS Web Interfaceor osc(Open Build Service client) 1) osc branch <repository name> <package name> 2) do something... 3) filled up ChangeLog 4) make sure packages build succeeded in your branch 5) osc submit request -m “what information to maintainer” <package name> • Testing packages and file bug report • Bug triage • Ask on IRC or mailing list!10
    11. 11. Contact Us • IRC#openSUSE-kde on FreeNode • Mailing listopensuse-kde@opensuse.org • openSUSE Bugzillahttps://bugzilla.novell.com/ and specifies it belongs to KDE11
    12. 12. Q&A
    13. 13. Join us on: www.opensuse.org13