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Coscup 2012-urfkill


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Published in: Technology
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Coscup 2012-urfkill

  1. 1. urfkill daemon introductionAugust 18, 2012, TaipeiJoey LeeSUSE Lab
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduce rfkill • Trap of rfkill control • Introduce urfkill daemon Functions Architecture • Q&A2
  3. 3. Introduce rfkill
  4. 4. rfkill • rfkill is a RF switch subsystem in Network subsystem in Linux Kernel code path: net/rfkill • Kernel Doc: Documentation/rfkill.txt Documentation/ABI/stable/sysfs-class-rfkill Documentation/ABI/obsolete/sysfs-class-rfkill • In Documentation/rfkill.txt The rfkill subsystem provides a generic interface to disabling any4
  5. 5. states of rfkill • unblock Transmitter is (potentially) active • hard block: Transmitter is forced off by something outside of the drivers control. Read-only radio block that can not be overriden by software. • soft block: Transmitter is turned off by software Writable radio block (need not be readable) that is set by the system • Interface to user space /dev/rfkill /sys/class/rfkill/rfkill[0-9]+/state5
  6. 6. Trap of rfkill control
  7. 7. Not only one layer touch rfkill state • Hardware Hardware switch, button • BIOS/EC BIOS option, Fn+F? function key • Linux Kernel rfkill-input platform driver • User space HAL NetworkManager, Gnome-bluetooth urfkill7
  8. 8. Whole picture • rfkill is a RF switch subsystem in Second-level bullet (20 pt) Third-level bullet (16pt) Fourth-level bullet (14pt)8
  9. 9. Introduce urfkill daemon
  10. 10. urfkill • Main page For the laptop and mobile devices users, the management of the radio • The latest release is 0.4.0 • Founder/Maintainer: • Installation: zypper in urfkill • [RFC] propose to develop a rfkill daemon on freedesktop:
  11. 11. Functions • Broadcast rfkill state changed event to DBus for registered userland applications. • Provide DBus interface for userland applications to block/unblock rfkill. liburfkill-glib: provide Gobjects binding • Use PolicyKit for system-wide privileges. • Send RFKILL_IOCTL_NOINPUT by ioctl to disable rfkill-input function. c64fb01627e24725d1f9d535e4426475a4415753;a=commitdiff;h=11
  12. 12. Configuration • /etc/urfkill/urfkill.conf key_control=true # This variable is to enable/disable the key control function master_key=false # A master key is a key that controls all killswitches force_sync=false # This variable is to enable/disable the key control function • /etc/urfkill/profile/*.xml (10-asus-settings.xml, 10-lenovo-settings.xml) <match key="sys_vendor" contains_ncase="asus"> <match key="product_name" string="1005HA"> <option key="key_control" type="bool">true</option> <option key="master_key" type="bool">true</option> <option key="force_sync" type="bool">false</option> </match> </match>12
  13. 13. Software Architecture13
  14. 14. Welcome to join us! Thank you.14
  15. 15. Corporate Headquarters +49 911 740 53 0 (Worldwide) Join us on: Maxfeldstrasse 5 90409 Nuremberg Germany15
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