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Data usage individuals


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Data usage individuals

  1. 1. Society Usageof
  2. 2. Where does the data come from?Primary Sources• HRS website – Individuals can create an account with the Society to access password-protected areas of the site and submit membership applications.• Scientific Sessions registrations – Largest single source of non-member data. Imported annually, late summer/early fall.• Other HRS products/services – Orders of materials and education programs• Leads from external sources – Medtronic fellows-in-training for the affiliate program. Business cards and contacts from trade shows. HeartRhythm Journal editorial board and reviewers.
  3. 3. What do we collect and why?Types of InformationContact/Identity information Demographic information• Title and Company • Primary occupation• Address • Primary and secondary specialties• Email • Work environment• Birthdate • Training history• Gender • Procedure involvement
  4. 4. How do we use the information collected?Identification and Communication• Gauge a sense of interest or potential pool of volunteers for a location or topic area• Refine target audiences for marketing of HRS resources and programs• Sell the information or access to the information to interested vetted parties
  5. 5. How do external parties get our data?Methods of Sharing Data• Purchasers of membership mailing list – Membership vets the mailing list use. Only member addresses are distributed. For educational products only.• Third-party vendor with whom HRS has a customer relationship: webinar registration vendor – KRM, on-demand product vendor – LDI and Astute, IBHRE SAP – Swiss VBS. Vendor is allowed to use the data for their marketing purposes once the individual has purchased the product.
  6. 6. How do external parties get our data? (cont’d)Methods of Sharing Data• Scientific Sessions Mailing List – Meetings department approved. Mailing list of attendee addresses to exhibiting companies only.• HRS Co-Sponsored and Endorsed Programs – Education department approved. Deliverables: mailing address list of members, mentions in Keeping Pace, targeted eblast to Society members, course spotlight in Professional Education newsletter to Society members.
  7. 7. What protections are in place for privacy concerns?Opt-Outs and Unsubscribes• We use Informz as our primary email marketing tool which ties to the Society’s database.• The Society employs opt-outs based on communication buckets. These opt-outs are respected for print and email communications. These are managed from the Communication Preferences from user’s online profile or at the bottom of the Informz eblast.• For CAN-SPAM compliance, individuals can unsubscribe from all HRS marketing emails sent by the Society.
  8. 8. What protections are in place for privacy concerns?(cont’d)Opt-Outs from Other Sources• Scientific Sessions registration form offers the opportunity to opt-out of third party mailings, specific to Heart Rhythm exhibiting companies• At this time, the Society does not offer the option to opt-out of third party mailings for other uses.
  9. 9. RestrictionsCurrent Policies• We do not sell member email addresses.• We only sell mailing address lists in the following avenues: --- Membership mailing list --- Co-sponsored & endorsed programs --- Heart Rhythm attendees• We market non-HRS products and services to members (i.e., Co- Sponsored & Endorsed programs).• We do not market non-HRS products and services to non-members, print and electronic.