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See what my clients have to say about their real estate experience using me as their Broker.

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Testimonials for powerpoint facebook

  1. 1. See what my clients have to say about their real estateexperience. Can I help you too?TESTIMONIALS
  2. 2. Larry Larsen (Boulder City, NV)Susan is by far the best Real Estate agent that I have ever had. Ihave purchased 10 homes and sold 9 in my life and Susan hasworked harder than all the rest of the agents combined. Shealways follows up on everything and she is meticulous down tothe smallest detail.Don and Ann Walden (Fort Collins)We find it comforting to entrust Susan with the sale of our home.While we have moved 2000 miles away, her diligence andpersistence during these difficult economic times has paid off forus. She has just sold our home!Tim and Cera Austin (El Paso, TX)Susan is one of the best people that we have met and workedwith. She became our friend as we went through the two yearprocess of buying a house. She is one of the top agents inColorado and maybe the USA. Please consider her when lookingand selecting an agent. She is the most professional and yetpersonable agent we have worked with. Our entire family lovedher and we had a blast with her!
  3. 3. Carl and Joni Coniglio (Lincoln, NE)It has been 16 years since wed last bought a house and,needless to say, the process had changed in that time! On top ofthat, we were moving to a new state and were not that familiarwith the area. Susan was a godsend. She helped us navigate theprocess of finding and buying a new home. She answered everyquestion we could throw at her (and we had many!) and alwayspromptly returned our calls and emails. She is extremelyknowledgeable, not only about the areas of town we were lookingat, but also about the real estate process in general. She madeeverything seem so easy! We cant lavish enough praise on her.Ian and Carol Anne Laing (Maui, HI)Susan went well beyond our expectations with the purchase ofour home in Loveland. She is well versed in the intricacies of realestate transactions. If we had a question, and we had many, wealways got a prompt answer-usually within 15 minutes! Days,evenings, weekends it didnt matter. After closing, Susansobligation to us ceased, but she didnt stop there. What she hasdone and continues to do for us speaks volumes about hercharacter and just how special she really is.
  4. 4. Gary and Mary Lou Crews (Overland Park, KS)Without question, Susan stands heads and shoulders above anyRealtor who we have worked with in the past. She attended toevery detail of the transaction and always made us feel socomfortable in what otherwise is and can be a very stressfulundertaking. If you are in the process of considering who shouldrepresent you for your real estate needs, I would look no furtherthan Susan as you will truly have the very best that the industryhas.Donnie and AnnaMarie Bordelon (Austin, TX)We would like to thank Susan from the bottom of our hearts.Moving from Austin was not an easy transaction for my wife, butSusan immediately put her in a comfort zone from the minute wemet. In our eyes, there is no other Realtor in Colorado.David and Jill Schwank (Monument, CO)We are so thankful to have found Susan. Susan has consistentlyanswered all of our questions or looked to others for answers. Ithas never been work for us to look at homes. Susan has made ittruly enjoyable.Mary Fisher (Estes Park, CO)I found Susan to be very conscience, knowledgeable, honest, andhelpful. I now consider her to be a good friend.
  5. 5. Scott and Jodi Johnson (Coeur dAlene, ID)My wife and I would really like to thank you so much for yourwonderful tour of homes last Friday. We thought it was first classall the way!Roger and Nancy Paddock (Las Vegas, NV)Nancy and I would like to thank Susan for helping us buy ourwonderful old home in Loveland. We have never bought a homelong distance and we didnt fully appreciate how critical ourselection of a real estate agent would be. Susan absolutelyperformed above and beyond our expectations. Not only dideverything go smooth and easy with our purchase but we madeour first new friend in town.George and Sharlene Menoskey (Round Rock, TX)Thank you for all the help. You have gone above the ordinary andwe are glad that you were there to help!
  6. 6. Christy Harras (Unified Title, Fort Collins)Susan is very customer focused and professional. In the closingsthat we have had together, her customers, whether it be Buyer orSeller, are always happy with the outcome of the transaction andpleased with how their needs were handled throughout theprocess. Susan is a great asset to our real estate industry.Todd and Cindy Sutherland (Holmen, WI)Susan did an excellent job for us as a buyers agent. As out-of-state buyers, Susans knowledge of the area, attention to detail,and extremely prompt follow-up to all of our calls was invaluable.There were challenges along the way and Susan went to bat forus every single time. We always felt like we were in good hands.We highly recommend working with Susan and feel lucky to havefound such a professional and competent agent to help us find ahome that we are very happy with.
  7. 7. Jeremy and Dusk Sumpter (Omaha, NE)We werent the easiest of customers to deal with, as Susan had toshow us numerous homes! We appreciated her patience withthat, never complaining and always willing to show us whateverhomes we wanted. This wasnt our first purchase, so we havedealt with other agents before. She definitely stood out above therest! It was obvious she cared about putting us in the right home,not just any home.Carol Pitner-Jurisch (Wells Fargo, Fort Collins)I am so impressed with Susans negotiation skills and follow-up.Her client got an excellent deal on his home because of her! Ihonestly do not see transactions with as much heart and soul asshe puts in.Tia Jaffee (Bank of Colorado, Fort Collins)Susan is very detail oriented and passionate about her clientsbest interests.
  8. 8. Perry and Rene Wischow (Long Beach, MS)Susan has been a voice of reason and companion as we exploredthe move across the country. The process took two years. All thewhile she shared experiences and facts about the area and theschools which made our decision to move to Ft. Collins feel likethe right choice at every turn. Her support was unwavering andnever once did I feel pressure to rush to a decision. After weclosed on our house, she continued to check on the house for uswhile we waited for school to end. Susan support has made this adream move. She created such a wonderful experience I wouldrecommend her services to everyone moving in or to the Ft.Collins area.Melissa Jones (Fort Collins)Susan was very helpful to me, a first time home buyer. She wasvery knowledgeable of the whole process and answered all myquestions, some of them even before I knew to ask them. Shealso was very flexible to my chaotic schedule and would meetwith me to see a house at a moments notice. Susan isprofessional, friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommendSusan to anyone.
  9. 9. Brandon and Mindy McLeod (Fort Collins)AMAZING!!!! Susan helped us buy our first house and she madethe process easy and fun. She was always there whenever we hadquestions or wanted to look at something, She made it happen!She was willing to do anything and everything to help us get thehouse we wanted and we cant thank her enough. I willrecommend her to anyone in Northern Colorado looking for ahome. We are thinking about moving to a bigger home soon andwe will definitely be using Susan!!!Jon Freck (Fort Collins)Who will I use to sell my house? The answer is Susan Wahle!Recently I employed Susan to sell my house and had a greatexperience. She is very confident, outgoing and a knowledgeableagent. She worked very hard to sell my house and I got a greatprice for a property I had many concerns about. As a roofingcontractor, I deal with many real estate agents. I would highlyrecommend her.Nancy Peltola and Steve Henke (Currie, MN)Thank you so much for helping us make this move and findingour new nest. We have felt welcomed to the city at every turn andthe kids love their school. The location is perfect for us.
  10. 10. Loretta Mannix and Kevin Foss (Fort Collins)My husband and I began a search for a property to build ourdream home and we found Susan Wahle from an internet site.She contacted us promptly and we met for coffee. The propertywe decided on presented challenges for us to iron out and Susanwas with us every step of the way, helping us get through thetricky issues. We have no reservations of using her for any of ourreal estate needs...she was great!Larry and Brenda Mohr (Simi Valley, CA)I could never thank Susan enough for all her hard work and manyhours in finding us a great condo. She treated us more like afriend and not just a client.Gary and Henri Lechman (Aurora, CO)How does one describe "Quality"! We must have asked Susan athousand questions, I was somewhat embarrassed about myignorance of the housing market. Susan was always kind andpatient with us. One thing I really appreciated the most from herwas we never felt pressure from her to buy anything. I think shessimply the best real estate agent in Colorado.
  11. 11. Phil and Susan Kilkus (Rockville, MD) We cant thank Susan enough for her expertise and hard work in helping us find our home in Fort Collins. We love our home, the neighborhood, and the community! Susan was always ready to show us houses, willing to conform to our schedule, and was always reachable whenever we had a question. We very much appreciate all of the time she invested, along with her patience, and professional courtesy. Her knowledge of the neighborhoods, home construction, and attention to our other needs were very valuable and helped guide us in making the right decision. Reuben and Edna Weinmaster (Albuquerque, NM) Susan was a blessing to us when we moved from Albuquerque to Loveland. Since we were still living in New Mexico with a house to sell, Susan took care of everything for us. Dwight and Debbie Brown (Houston, TX) Susan worked with us for over a year trying to find the right house. She was patient, tolerant, and very understanding of our needs. She goes above and beyond!
  12. 12. John and Sandee Walker (Seneca, SC)Susan was endlessly interested, supportive, enthusiastic, andnever put off by any set of circumstances we may haveencountered. She searched tirelessly for the right home for ourfamily. With such a tight market you need dependable and Susanmakes that look good.Kip and Kay Polly (Wauneta, NE)Susan is extremely professional and knowledgeable. As out ofstate homebuyers we needed someone we could trust to be ontop of every aspect of our home buying process, Susan made thewhole process stress free. Prompt to return calls and answerquestions. Excellent knowledge of the Colorado market. Positive,upbeat personality makes her great to work with!Billy and Jessica Johnston (Eaton CO)Susan truly made our house hunting and buying experience anamazing one. Our house seems more like a home than any otherplace we have lived. Susan listened to our needs and wants andfound us a perfect home.
  13. 13. Bruce Clark, DDS (Fort Collins) Just as I would seek expertise in my dental practice, I decided to purchase through RE/MAX using a Broker who merited my trust and respect. My impression during the initial interview with Susan was tasks are approached with high energy. She is detail oriented and she shows integrity, intelligence and flexibility. This impression proved correct and Susan became a complete advocate for my cause of owning a home. Thanks Susan! Larry and Sheila Chase (Hollywood Beach, CA) We have been looking at a variety of property types in Fort Collins for the past year. We have not made it easy for Susan as we have not resolved all of our issues in California in order to make the move. Susan has provided us with tons of information and trekked us all over Fort Collins several times. We havent bought yet, but when we do it will absolutely be with Susan. Shes fantastic!You can expect the same excellent service. Call and lets get started finding your new home or selling your existing home.