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MOHAI Usability Study Presentation


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MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry)
Our team did a usability study for the MOHAI Discovery Interactive.

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MOHAI Usability Study Presentation

  1. 1. Discovery Interactive Usability StudyEllie Kleinwort | Charlie Koch | Susan Oldham | Ian Wyosnick
  2. 2. Our Team Ellie Kleinwort Charlie Koch Susan Oldham Ian Wyosnick
  3. 3. Our Clients Mark GLeason meka manchak Exhibits Manager Content CoordinatorThe new MOHAI¡¡ Museum of Science and Industry¡¡ Opened December 29, 2012¡¡ South Lake Union location¡¡ All NEW Exhibits¡¡ All NEW Interactives
  4. 4. Discovery Interactive MOHAI Goals for Interactive ¡¡ To build community ¡¡ To honor Seattle’s literary history ¡¡ To be fun, imaginative PurposE ¡¡ Make a book about Seattle ¡¡ Review what visitors learned from other exhibits Design of interactive
  5. 5. Discovery Interactive Flow Surprise Me Yes Pick About the Complete Introduction Write a Title Synopsis Publish Cover Art Author Book Write Myself No
  6. 6. our User Research
  7. 7. our Research Questions ¡¡ Areusers ending the book publishing process prematurely? ¡¡ Whatare the barriers preventing users from publishing their book?
  8. 8. our methods Observed ¡¡ Observation—Identify problem areas ¡¡ Live observation of how museum visitors engage ¡¡ Video taping of interactive without intervention ¡¡ Survey Users— Pilot Survey & Exit Survey ¡¡ Opinion of visitors who used the interactive Recruited Methods ¡¡ Cognitive Walkthrough/ Talk Aloud ¡¡ Identify usability issues through user’s point of view ¡¡ Time on Task ¡¡ How focused users complete interactive
  9. 9. How we Tested WE Observed Participants ¡¡ Exit Survey 20 participants ¡¡ Video Observation 16 hours, 62 visitors observed we Recruited Participants ¡¡ Cognitive Walkthrough 5 participants ¡¡ Time on Task 3 participants
  10. 10. We thought our audience was... Adults, mostly parents, 18-55 years old
  11. 11. Our audience really is.... 11–18 over under 18 10 18% 63% 21%
  12. 12. our findings
  13. 13. HOW MANY PUBLISH? 23% 77% of users did NOT complete of users DID complete interactive interactive 14 of 62 users completed the interactiveRESEARCH Are users ending the bookQUESTION publishing process prematurely?
  14. 14. WHERE are the usability issues? key issue 41% secondary issue engagement issue 32% 27% 23% 18% 16% 14% 7% 1st 2nd Dragging Pick Author Author Surprise Publish Screen Screen Words Cover Name Blurb MeRESEARCH What are the barriers preventingQUESTION users from publishing their book?
  15. 15. SURPRISE ME! Book Synopsis Screen Frequent Errors ¡¡ Unaware of missed selections ¡¡ Unable to revise selections ¡¡ Lack of adequate feedback ¡¡ Unaware of completion requirement ¡¡ 5of 21 observed users stopped or restarted ¡¡ 7of 8 of recruited users“I didn’t realize that one of stated difficulty with screen the word selections was not selected.“ “I thought I selected “...hard to pick words in the every word ‘cause I liked montage. It was hard to know how every word looked.” why it wasn’t finished.”
  16. 16. about the AUTHOR screen Frequent Errors ¡¡ Typing difficulty ¡¡ Single-touch interface errors ¡¡ 8 of 29 observed users stopped or restarted ¡¡ 4 of 8 recruited users stated difficulty with screen“...writing the blurb “...too much “...awkward typing about the author was information to and hard to complete long. The keyboard was complete...” request...” awkward and I don’t like talking about myself.”
  17. 17. Select title screen Frequent Errors ¡¡ Unaware of how to submit ¡¡ Tried to tap instead of dragging ¡¡ Unaware of scroll-ability ¡¡ 7of 40 observed users stopped or restarted “...didn’t find the word “...not clear about selecting I was looking for...” words and wasn’t sure about the next step.”
  18. 18. OUR Recommendations MOHAI Archives
  19. 19. OUR Recommendations Author Blurb ¡¡ Allow skipping for shy visitors ¡¡ More responsive typing/touch Dragging Words ¡¡ Clarify“tape” metaphor ¡¡ Select words by both tap & drag Surprise Me ¡¡ Add feedback on how to proceed ¡¡ Increase feedback on selected words ¡¡ Provide default for word selections
  20. 20. OUR General Recommendations User Feedback ¡¡ Add feedback on interactive progress ¡¡ Use more responsive or multi-touch interface ¡¡ Allow more time before “still there” prompt appears ¡¡ Add scrolling indicators Content ¡¡ Adjust content for 10-18 year-old demographic ¡¡ Succinctly explain interactive instructions ¡¡ Decrease interactive length Environment ¡¡ Investigatemethods to increase exhibit engagement ¡¡ Add exhibit signage
  21. 21. Thank you! Ellie, Charlie, Susan & IanQuestions?