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And the Winners Are...Case Studies of Social Media Success Stories


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So, it's finally mainstream, right? Within education, what are the social media success stories? Who's doing social in an interesting, unusual and surprising way? We'll run through a set of success stories discovered through an open submission period. Use the best elements of these #crowdsourced cases to kick your own social strategy up a notch. This presentation was part of the 2013 CASE Social Media and Community Conference.

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And the Winners Are...Case Studies of Social Media Success Stories

  1. 1. AND THE WINNERS ARE... Case Studies of Social Media Success Susan T. Evans, mStonerCASE Social Media and Community Conference 2013
  2. 2. THE CALL FOR ENTRIES ...the countdown to #casesmc
  3. 3. THE CATEGORIESFunniest (I laughed out loud at the very funny way we used social.)Fundraising (I got of bang for the buck (we raised a lot of money) onsocial.)Crisis (Social helped us survive a crisis—well.)Lessons Learned (How I screwed up on social.)Alumni Engagement (My use of social media was for alumni only.)It’s Academic (I used social for an academics- or research-related purpose.)
  4. 4. MEET THE DECIDER BTW, I mostlydecided to get rid of the categories.
  5. 5. Humble? Shy?
  6. 6. THERE WERE NO ENTRIES FOR... It’s Academic Fundraising Lessons Learned
  7. 7. The plan for more entries...Fundraising | Lessons Learned | It’s Academic
  8. 8. How the decider decided:You must be present to win.
  9. 9. How the decider decided:The more concrete, the better.
  10. 10. AND THE WINNERS ARE...
  11. 11. ALUMNI ENGAGEMENTThe winner for this category is... Colby College
  12. 12. “Our weekly ‘talking about this’ for the page (usually around 300-400) peaked at3,094. Our weekly ‘total reach’ for the page (usually around 10-15K) peaked at 152,703.” “At one point, Twitter shutdown our account because we were looking like spammers.” Robert Clockedile #Colby200
  13. 13. FUNNIEST The winner for this category is...University of Maryland University College
  14. 14. 5,787 watched this “Harlem Shake”
  15. 15. “University of Maryland University College is non- traditional in every sense of the word (international campus locations, online classes, courses conductedon military bases). Because our university and student body is non-traditional (working adults, active dutymilitary students taking courses in war zones, etc), we have a difficult time engaging our alumni.”“Many universities were doing the Harlem Shake, butwe did not have present student body to film such a video. So, our Director of Alumni Programs had the office of Advancement do the video.”— Sarah Conboy
  16. 16. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU The winner for this category is...Fairleigh Dickinson University
  17. 17. @FDUWhatsNew (2,513 followers)
  18. 18. @fduproblems (1,198 followers)
  19. 19. “There are still plenty of #fduproblems tweets, but the substance of the tweets is farless damaging to the University than they were before.”“College students wouldnt be college students if they didnt complain about term papers and exams and that is what makes up the majority of Dan Landau #fduproblems tweets now...”
  20. 20. YOU GOT SOME?Fundraising | Lessons Learned | It’s Academic
  22. 22. THANK YOU!Susan T. Evans Senior Strategist mStoner @susantevans