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online takeaway


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online takeaway

  1. 1.
  2. 2. ORDER FOOD ONLINE• Yummy Bay developed by Amicitia Food Mart Pvt Ltd helps you take ordering food to a technologically advanced and yet the simplest form of online ordering.
  3. 3. •Our group with its long term experience inUK food industry felt the requisite for onlineordering and that it would be necessary thatrestaurants did offer this valuable service.
  4. 4. •With utmost care and service provided to ourcustomers, we shall also strive to establishsuccessful lasting relationships with ourclients.
  5. 5. FOOD DELIVERY• It is been one year since yummy bay was launched and we are happy that we could satisfy thousands of people through
  6. 6. •During this period we have noticed that onlinefood ordering is growing in popularity amongboth consumers and restaurants.
  7. 7. ONLINE TAKEAWAY• Now ordering food is just a click away. is an online food ordering portal that offers users a wide variety of options that include book a table, cakes, corporate bookings, caterers and gift a food.
  8. 8. •We are also the first online food orderingportal in India to have payment integration,accepting all cards including internationalcards. is a venture by AmicitiaFood Mart PVT LTD, having years of experiencein the UK food industry.
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