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  2. 2. What is Yummybay? Yummy bay is a holistic food solutions portal where in it not only allows you to search and locate restaurant of your choice but also takes orders/reservations on your behalf. This site allows users to place orders or book tables across 100+ restaurants serving over 40 cuisines and 20000+ dishes all over Kerala currently.
  3. 3. •We are also the first online foodordering portal in India to havepayment integration, accepting allcards including international cards.
  4. 4. • is a venture byAmicitia Food Mart PVTLTD, having years of experience inthe UK food industry.
  5. 5. •In online food ordering users canview offers and promotions that therestaurants provide and also custompromotions by Yummy bay.
  6. 6. •They can also view delivery areas of therestaurant of their choice.•Users click and add to cart the food of theirchoice from the menu and all they have tochoose are now payment options anddelivery/takeaway mode.
  7. 7. •Users can also repeat orders, place ordersfor future and ‘Add to favorites in thisfeature. No more call waiting and otherheadaches to order food over the phone.
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