Ayurveda Kerala


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Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine, is a scientific discipline of complete healthcare that is preached and practiced in ancient times by the omniscient sage of India.

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Ayurveda Kerala

  1. 1. Ayurveda Keralawww.ayurvedakerala.biz
  2. 2. Ayurveda in kerala Kerala is the popular among the worldin the name of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, ‘thescience of life’ is the ancient method oftreatment that originated in India.Ayurveda in Kerala is prominent acrossthe globe because of the numerousayurveda hospitals and resorts in Keralawhich providing world-class ayurvedictreatments. Along with superior facilities,these centers are well-known for the
  3. 3. qualified & experienced ayurvedapractitioners and availability of ayurvedicmedicines. The eminent treatments and greathospitality make these resorts a most favoreddestination during their Kerala tour. The basic principle of Ayurveda is to focuson the prevention of disease, rejuvenation ofbody and to increase the lifespan. TheAyurveda treatment is a systematic approach
  4. 4. based on diet, massages, herbs,meditation and yoga, along with specialtherapy known as Panchakarma. Thiswholesome approach maintains thebalance between body and mind. Theayurveda in Kerala that once healedthe rural folk of India has now treatedmore people around the world.
  5. 5. The most suitable time for ayurvedatherapies in Kerala is during monsoon i.e.from June to September. In the rainyseason, the atmosphere becomes cool anddust free and our body has less heat. Thisway, our body is quite receptive toAyurvedic treatment during monsoon. Infact; the region probably has the mostsupply of herbs that are necessary for
  6. 6. preparing the remedies for many diseasesand ailments. The oils, which are mainlyused during the treatment, haveabundant sources in Kerala. Ayurveda is also known to improvethe strength and stability of both the bodyand mind in a spiritual and holisticenvironment. Ayurvedic therapies inKerala provides you a natural way torefresh yourself, eliminate all toxic
  7. 7. imbalances from the body and regainresistance and attain good health. Now asa part of medical tourism, state promotesKerala Ayurveda tourism to the world.Today popularity of Kerala Ayurvedatreatment has gained such a momentumthat tourist from across the world come toKerala to rejuvenate and for therapeutictreatment.
  8. 8. www.ayurvedakerala.bizNilayoram Resorts & Ayurvedic CentrePainkulam P.O.Cheruturuthy - 679 531Thrissur,KeralaIndiaTelephone: +91-487-2384788/ +91-4884-262788/9 Mobile: +91-98470-44244 E-mails : nilayoram@gmail.com Website : www.nilayoram.com Person : M.G. Menon