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Ayurveda kerala


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About ayurveda kerala,ayurvedic treatments for weight loss,autism,epilepsy etc.Ayurveda yoga and meditation.Promotes Kerala ayurveda tourism.Facilities for treatments with accommodation.

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Ayurveda kerala

  1. 1. Ayurveda Treatment at Nilayoram Ayurveda, the Indian System of medicine and treatment has a hoary tradition. Kerala, the southern state of India is well known for its Ayurveda heritage. A balanced, healthy, enjoyable and successful life entails harmony between Mind, Body and Spirit.
  2. 2.  If any one of these suffers an imbalance, disharmony is immediately evident. Time at Nilayoram is devoted completely to well being. We offer a host of Ayurveda Treatments to enhance, restore and renew your
  3. 3.  The resort is conceived to become a rendezvous for pleasure and purification. It works wonders in unwinding, while purifying dryer body and soul in harmony with nature. The riverfront facility with lush greenery and tranquil surroundings is the most ideal location to be in and enjoy thoroughly the luxury of being one amongst a very few occupants.
  4. 4.  Upon your arrival at the resort, a team of eminent Ayurveda physicians will examine the patient and after panel discussion and consultation, appropriate treatment will be charted. The entire treatment will be supervised by senior doctors and executed by qualified and experienced masseurs.
  5. 5.  All the external and internal herbs administered are prepared in traditional way and hence unequivocal quality and result are obtained. Whole some vegetarian food is provided during treatment period
  6. 6.  Kerala Ayurveda tour helps to strengthening the immune system, preventing and curing diseases without any side effects.