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Promotional items for all occasions


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Selecting a wide range of promotional products for various occasions is a good idea to be followed. The promotional items that you distribute during a tradeshow or exhibition need not be the same and it’s good to have different products for different occasions.

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Promotional items for all occasions

  1. 1. Buy Promotional Products! Click HereVisit our Blog for Promotional Ideas, Business Tips & Marketing Strategies Promotional items for all occasionsSelecting a wide range of promotional products for various occasions is a good idea to be followed.The promotional items that you distribute during a tradeshow or exhibition need not be the sameand it’s good to have different products for different occasions. Promotional products that are to beoffered to business associates will be different again from the items you want to give to youremployees. With so much variety available, its not too difficult to choose a good variety of items, sothat youve got appropriate items for any occasion. Employee Promotional Items: When selecting promotional items for your employees it is important to remember that those items should be of regularly used products like desk top items such as calendars, mouse mats, pens, a personal organizer, paper products and perhaps a promotional coffee mug. This will make them feel comfortable and will enable them to get more involved with the team. This works best for the employees who joined the company recently. Also imprinted promotional products will make them feel inspired in their work. If you want to recognize an employee’s effort giving him a souvenir will definitely make an unforgettable impact and this will reinforce his/her morale and they will remain faithful to you.
  2. 2. Business Items What works for the employees will not work for your clients and potential prospects. In case of business gifts it is always advisable to add a bit of personal flavor to your offerings as this will make your customers feel more connected with you. Wrapped in attractive packaging a personalized gift will break the ice for your future business and this will enhance your brand recall. Trade Shows and Exhibitions When it comes to trade shows and exhibitions the main objective of your campaign is to get noticed in the show and draw attention to your booth. In order to achieve this you can some "bait" items to attract attention to your exhibition booth like large or colorful, with moving parts or items that can be easily noticed. It is also important to understand your industry make offers of custom promotional items accordingly so that your visitors or customers can easily identify you line of business without much difficulty. Purchase Incentives Another break through idea is “purchase incentives”. With these promotional items you try to maximize your sales. For example, you may offer free items with orders worth over a certain amount, or you may want to create a purchase incentive program that offers a free gift after a certain number of purchases. It’s always good to have a variety of purchase incentive items of different values, so that you can accommodate all types of target audience. You can offer a free gift for buying $ 50.00 item from the stock. You also can even offer a more expensive gift (only if your budget permits) such as an attractive promotional mug or mouse mat. There is no limit to the types of items you can offer here, and you can even allow your customers to choose their own item--for example, give them the choice between a mug or mouse mat for their free gift.Special Events Items for special occasions--such as a gift for a client who has been dealing withyou since long and who was there with you all through your thick and thin, or may your employeewho celebrates a personal occasion or even if your client is observing a special day at heir office canbe a good occasion when you can show your acknowledgement and your appreciation by gifting asurprise promotional item which will be more valued by your customers or by your co-workers.Thanks to promotional products, visibility doesnt have to cost much. Building awareness for yourbrand is probably easiest, not to mention cheapest, with promotional products. Not only do thesecost less than regular print or multimedia advertising, they also offer long-term exposure.
  3. 3. Among all other promotional products wearable items are the most popular promotional productsbecause theyre useful and can be used for longer and over and over again. Also writing instrumentsincluding notepads are great promotional products to distribute at a very low coat. These custompromotional items like pens, notepads and sticky notes are used widely used by all so the visibility ofthese items is more. When building rapport with employees, think of giving away promotionalhealth-care products such as pill cases, pedometers, stress relievers, or medical diaries. These typesof promotional items can be customized and the best part of it this way you can show how muchyou really care about the well being of your co-workers.Whatever be the type of promotional item you select for gifting the basic objective is to connectyour brand with your target audience, market visibility and brand promotion. With the everburgeoning cost in traditional marketing, endorsing through promotional items will have betterbrand presence with a far lower cost.Copy Right © 2012 Join Promo Direct On Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Also See Our Blog | Promotional Ideas | 24HR Rush Service | Sales & Closeouts | Factory Direct Pricing | FREE Catalog | New Items