Horse mats perfect bedding solution for your horse


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Horse mats perfect bedding solution for your horse

  1. 1. Horse Mats-Perfect Bedding Solution for Your Horse Owners of the horse stables have to keep various things in mind to maintain health of their animals. They have to provide them good food in proper amount with all the required nutrition so that they do not develop any deficiency disease. They have to clean their stables and organize the bedding so that the animals are uncomfortable. Moreover, they also have to put together an exercise routine for their horse to ensure overall physical exercise. Not all these things will help the animals unless until they are comfortable in their stable. A comfortable stable is the one, which is warm, dry, relaxing and perfect for the horse. It is a known fact that most of the horses do not sit for most part of the day and when they do, they want to do it in warm comforting bedding. The horse mats, used in the stable, can be the right bedding solution for the animal due to their various features. Most of the stable mats are made up of rubber, which is renowned for its insulating property. In the cold damp weather, they can be perfect bedding for the horse. Apart from it, these mats have great drainage system, which do not allow the urine discharged by the horse to stand on the mat, making the animal feel uncomfortable. They are quick to dry, making it a good bedding option for the animals as the bedding made up of straw and wooden chips captures moisture in them in large amount. It can make the animal feel uneasy due to moist damp bedding. This bedding is also a perfect place for the bacterial or fungal growth as well. It is moist, and full of organic contents. Even a small amount of bacteria can prove to be detrimental for the health of the horse. Rubber stable mats dries very quickly and can be sterilized to avoid any microbial growth on them. Moreover, you can clean them every other day to ensure they are free from any infection.
  2. 2. Apart from all these features, these rubbers matting also have a great attribute about them and that is the cushion effect. Horses have to spend most part of the day standing or walking. They are endowed with the capability of sleeping while standing but it is not good for their bones. You can provide them comfort with the cushion effect of the rubber horse mats, on which they can even sleep. Welcome to Horse Mats Plus, the UKs leading supplier of horse and stable mats and home of EasiMat Equine. We supply and install a comprehensive range of rubber stable matting and EVA stable matting products. Whether you require a light weight self-install option or a professionally fitted bonded and sealed stable flooring solution, we can provide you with the most appropriate product for your needs at the best prices. SEE OUR FANTASTIC SALE OFFERS ON 24mm, 34mm and 44mm EVA Comfort Mats! Please search through our horse mats and other equestrian products and feel free to contact us with any queries. Horse Mats Plus is part of the Plus Retail Group, the other group divisions being JumpsOnline, StablesOnline and EquinePlus. For More Info Plus Retail Ltd Units 1 and 2,Hatchmoor Industrial Estate Hatherleigh,Devon,EX20 3LP United Kingdom Website: FREEPHONE: 0800 756 9670