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Wikimaps State of the Map 2013


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Wikimaps State of the Map 2013

  1. 1. WIKIMAPS State of the Map, Birmingham, September 6, 2013 Wikimaps Tartu–Hong Kong Susanna Ånäs, Wikimedia Suomi, @susannaanas, @WMFinland Map: Tartu linna plaan, 1914. Estonian National Archives
  2. 2. Export Digitizing OHM GLAMtool Upload Embed in Wikipedia Wikidata Structured data GLAM Wikimedia Commons Enriched map Wikimaps Georeferencingヘルシンキ !"#$%& ヘルシンキ
  3. 3. GLAM cooperation Maps to Commons Adding geolocation to maps in Commons Finding maps on a map in Wikimedia Extracting features from old maps Spatiotemporal gazetteer in Wikidata Data driven maps in Wikimedia
  4. 4. Map metadata
  5. 5. GLAM-wiki toolset Mass uploads to Wikimedia Commons Mapping metadata
  6. 6. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Template:Book Template:Artwork Template:Map? GLAM-wiki toolset EUROPEANA Europeana Data Model GLAM GLAM metadata
  7. 7. Template:Map
  8. 8. Wikimaps Warper
  9. 9. Open Historical Map
  10. 10. Community maintained spatiotemporal gazetteer
  11. 11. Wikimedia Suomi Wikimedia Sverige Wikimedia Eesti Wikimedia Norge Wikimedia Danmark Wikimaps Nordic Wikimedia chapters GLAMs How to make use of Wikimaps? Tinkering and hacking! Developing the tools! Activities with the public! Collaborative projects with the partners!
  12. 12. CCBY-SAPekkaSarkola
  13. 13. Plan der Stadt Dorpat 1892
  14. 14. What do we mean by start and end dates? CCBY-SAPekkaSarkola
  15. 15. Damages by bombing in Tartu, 1941
  16. 16. infrastructural elements that are gone from maps, but are actually there – strategical objects from Soviet era maps CCBY-SAPekkaSarkola
  17. 17. CCBY-SAPekkaSarkola
  18. 18. CCBY-SAPekkaSarkola
  19. 19. CCBY-SASK53OSM
  20. 20. CCBY-SA2.0FabriceFlorin
  21. 21. CCBY-SA2.0FabriceFlorin
  22. 22. CCBY-SA2.0FabriceFlorin
  23. 23. MapBox OSM Japan
  24. 24. Acknowledgements Tim Alder, Maarten Dammers, Vladimir Elistratov, Dan Entous, Katie Filbert, Barbara Fischer, Arun Ganesh, Andrew Gray, David Haskiya, Tuukka Hastrup, Chris Helenius, Outi Hermans, Lesley Kadish, István Kecskeméti, Tiina Kruup, Jaak Laineste, Lauri Leht, Jyrki Lehtinen, Hugo Lopez, Mikel Maron, Jeff Meyer, Jessica Parland- von Essen, Pekka Sarkola, Jarek Tuszynski, Erik Uus, Denny Vrandečić, Rob Warren, Tim Waters and many more participants
  25. 25. More info, contact Susanna Ånäs, Wikimedia Suomi, @susannaanas, @WMFinland