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Susan mowery web publishing 2.0 pres.

  1. 1. Susan Mowery presents:WEB PUBLISHING WEB 2.0 APPLICATIONS
  2. 2. Introduction to the Projects The following slides will review the projectsfrom the decision phase to the problemsencountered, to the results. Also discussed will be things to consider for the future.
  3. 3. #1 THE WIKI
  4. 4. Primary sources for ProjectsThe first decision was to choose whether or not to elaborate on the library wiki already established or to create a new one.Since “project-based –learning” is an initiative in our school, it seemed timely to begin a wiki that would focus on primary resources.
  5. 5. Primary Sources for ProjectsAnother consideration:Since I am the media specialist in my school and soon learning about the vast collection of primary source material at the Library of Congress, I thought it important to provide links for staff and students in this material.
  6. 6. Primary Sources for ProjectsNot a problem but a consideration:After looking at our samples, I decided to try to create an interesting glog to appear on the first page of my new wikispace. Fortunately the glogster code uploaded properly and the links worked!
  7. 7. Primary Sources for ProjectsIt took some time to locate suitable links to include on thenavigation side, however these primary source links should behelpful to staff & students.
  8. 8. Blog: Notes from the Hiatusphere
  9. 9. Notes from the Hiatusphere The first problem or consideration was to decide whether to elaborate on the library blog, Mowery Memos already established, although, not recently updated; or to choose to create a new one and risk duplicating material. After some thought I decided to create a new blog entirely dedicated to presenting highlights of my sabbatical year. The idea both excited me and gave me more purpose to document and share what I learn during the year.
  10. 10. Blog: Notes…An example of blog entry on the Penn Museum archives
  11. 11. Blog: Notes… Results: After posting my 4 entries I received positive responses from colleagues. This blog will be relatively easy to maintain and update as the year progresses. I will be interested to see what material will be accumulated by the end of the year and I may survey those who join the blog.
  12. 12. ANIMOTO: Library Highlights from the Year
  13. 13. AnimotoConsiderations: What would be the subject-matter? How can I advertise the library in a positive and more vibrant way? How can I easily demonstrate the highlights of what occurred in the LMC this year? All of these seemed to lead to the creation of an Animoto related to the library’s activities.
  14. 14. Final Presentation Online Considerations: Which program could I utilize effectively? My first decision was to try Prezi which I like, however, too many problems occurred and I think I need to have “hands-on” help with this. The tutorials were ok but I need more one-on-one instruction.
  15. 15. Final Thoughts: I totally enjoyed the structure of the class. This was my first experience with Moodle and I think it works easily and well. I liked that we met as a class first. It gave me a focus and perspective to go ahead. I am very happy with the web products I created and I feel that all will be used by my staff and students These are great tools for library media specialists and my favorite is the wikispace.