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Belize: Exploring Its Unique Attractions


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Situated in the north eastern part of Central America, Belize is surrounded by Guatemala to the south and the west, in the north by Mexico and in the east by the Caribbean Sea.

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Belize: Exploring Its Unique Attractions

  1. 1. Belize: Exploring Its Unique Attractions Posted on February 28, 2014 by Admin in Travel // 0 Comments Situated in the north eastern part of Central America, Belize is surrounded by Guatemala to the south and the west, in the north by Mexico and in the east by the Caribbean Sea. The sparsely populated country is surprisingly diverse and it can be considered as a wonderful honeymoon destination or a romantic getaway or else as an exciting holiday destination. There are some immediate advantages of touring this small country such as the availability of an ample number of well-maintained resorts, easy accessibility (it takes only about a two-hour flight from Houston or Miami) etc. The relatively small country is fast emerging as one of the favorites of travelers. It’s interesting mix of romantic venues, bouquet of thrilling sports and exciting forest reserves have been wooing tourists on a regular basis. Here’s a rundown on some of the most attractive special attractions that should be checked out in Belize in terms of destinations and activities. Make sure you’re referring to this list before booking your business flights. Special Attractions Lamanai: If you’ve included the Mayan site in your itinerary then you’re in for some great surprise. What immediately catches your attention right after stepping in to this tourist’s delight is its setting. It’s situated on the west bank of a breathtaking 45km lagoon- that’s one of the two (only) Mayan sites, situated in a waterside- the other one being Cerros. Touted as one of the most notable archeological sites of the world, Lamanai is visited by around 400 species of birds and groups of howler monkeys. Belize Zoo Tour: The Belize Zoo and the Tropical Education Center is situated around 29 miles in the west of Belize City, western Highway. Tourists specifically recommend the night trip here. Mountain cats, jaguars and tapirs are some of the special attractions in the zoo. While the presence of knowledgeable tourist guides facilitates convenience, the interesting interaction with the wonderful animals might just turn out to be the most memorable moment for your kids. Museum of Belize: Situated in the city of Belize, the Museum of Belize is worth your time here. It was built in the year 1857 with the help of bricks, and it used to be Her Majesty’s Prison before it was turned in to a museum. A short visit here would acquaint you with the history of the Belize. It traces the development from the Mayan age. The introduction of aviation, development of the railway system etc are all part of the displays. Activities that You Should Try Out There’s a wide array of activities to be explored at Belize including Kitesurfing, canoeing, boating, catamarans etc. To search, type and hit enter Categories Celebs Entertainment Fashion Films Music Relationships Travel Wedding Recent Posts FILMIZLETINFILMIZLETIN Entertainment & Travel Blog HOME WRITE FOR US CELEBS ENTERTAINMENT TRAVEL WEDDING FILMS MUSIC FASHION Username: Password: Have an account? Remember me CAPTCHA Code Login Login Register Forgot converted by
  2. 2. TweetTweet 0 0LikeLike 0 1 Bio Latest Posts Belize Caribbean Sea Central America flight Houston Mexico Miami ← Previous article Next article → catamarans etc. The sailing, canoeing, and kayaking rentals can be availed from most of the dive centers or hotels. There are sailing trips that are conducted on a regular basis. These tours can even take up your entire day. Learn kitesurfing from certified instructors and enjoy unique riding experiences in the largest shallow water lagoon. There are professionals offering these services. A diligent online research would aid you in finding out about them. Other activities that you can indulge in include parasailing, snorkeling, different water sports (you can find the waverunners and jetskis along the waterfront downtown near Spindrift Hotel), diving etc. Hope that the brief account of the things to check out in Belize is provided above. Be Sociable, Share! Admin Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Name * Email * Website CAPTCHA Code* Comment Post Comment Find Your New Favorite Sex Toy Traditional Music Options for a Scottish Wedding Feel Special When In Dubai As You Are In The Special City Top Tips on Dance Clothing for Beginners Best Movie Proms Most Popular Posts How To Your Party Stand Out 5 Of The Most Famous Saxophone Songs 5 Famous TV Theme Songs How To Compile The Perfect Wardrobe Tips to Get Started in Fashion Industry ShareShare converted by
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