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Traveling To India? Some Travel Tips for Beginners


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India, the land of geographical, cultural, religious and ethnic diversities, is visited by scores of travelers every year- with many of them documenting their traveling experiences in blogs, articles or even lengthy travelogues.

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Traveling To India? Some Travel Tips for Beginners

  1. 1.  MonikaThakur  February17,2014  India,Tourism = Menu = Book your Hotel Traveling To India? Some Travel Tipsfor Beginners India, the land of geographical, cultural, religiousand ethnic diversities, isvisited by scoresof travelersevery year- with many of themdocumenting their traveling experiences in blogs, articlesor even lengthy travelogues. The accountsof these travelers, would no doubt, be asdiverse astheir traveling experiencesthemselves. Coming acrossthese accountsmight prove immensely helpful asfar asgaining perspectivesisconcerned. However, besidesdeveloping a broader perspective of what the country islike and what it hasto offer to itstourists, it’sadvisable that you secure some basic tipson traveling to India for the first time. Learning these tipswould help you avoiding common mistakescommitted by travelers(non-experienced and experienced onesalike). Start chalking your travel planseven before checking out the businessclassspecial fare to India and go through the following tipsto enjoy a hassle-free holiday in the land of history, knowledge, aesthetics, diversitiesand warmth. Tips to Tour India Without Hassles Ask yourself some basic questions Howmany dayscan you afford to spend in India? What’syour budget? What type of travel luxuriesdo you want? Which mode of commutation do you want to avail while you’re traveling around the country? Your answersto these questionswould actually influence your traveling experience to a large extent. A good 10-15 dayscan be considered to be an ideal time-frame within which you can tour the country. However, please ensure that you’re focusing on only one region- either, north or south. To be precise, the northern part is replete with templesand mountainswhereassouthern India, with itsrelaxing beacheshasa more “laid-back” vibe about it. Make sure that you’re chalking out your budget carefully, as choicesavailable in India can turn out to be overwhelming. Be it food, accommodation or transport- the country hasa range of pricesavailable for itsvisitors. Travel Information & Guide - Traveller Path Travel Information and Travel Guide   India  Traveling To India?Some Travel Tipsfor Beginners Travelsmith Travel Wallet Travel Wallets, Passport Organizers & Security Pouches For Safe Travel. Banner converted by
  2. 2. TweetTweet 0 1 LikeLike Monika Thakur I love traveling to spiritual destinations in India. Sharing delightful photographs, places to visit, things to do, shopping and much more. If you have any queries, do leave a comment. Add me in your circle Monika Thakur View all posts by Monika Thakur →  Travel Advice,Travel Tips.  Bookmark.  The Hottest Honeymoon Locations The Arresting Beauty of the States in North – East India  For instance, you would alwaysbe advised to splurge in some juncturesof your tour, just in order to have some luxury and peace, especially when it comes to accommodation. But you would be required to bring your best negotiation skillsto the fore while buying giftsand souvenirs for your folks back home, simply because there are high chancesof touristsbeing cheated in these cases. In termsof mode of transport- multiple optionsare available aswell. Both carsand trainscan be availed to traverse longer distances. Both luxury and cheap trainscan be used. Listen to the Pros Knowfor a fact, that most of the experienced travelersout there would advise you to travel India within November to mid-February asthis is a period that offerscomparatively comfortable weather marking the soothing transition fromthe rainy monsoon season to that of the warmer summers. Do Not Forget to Take Care of Your Health Please ensure that you’re paying a visit to the local health clinic and learning about the shotsthat you would need before traveling. Shotsagainst tetanus, typhoid, measles, hepatitis, diphtheria and polio should be availed. Book Early Last but not the least, if you’re traveling in the pick season, make sure that you’re booking your accommodation, flight ticketsway in advance. Last minute bookingscan prove expensive and there’sreally no need to shell out those extra bucksif you aren’t traveling on an urgent basis. Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast) Rating: +1 (from1 vote) Traveling To India? Some Travel Tipsfor Beginners, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating New - $59 Airline Tickets Fly Anywhere In The U.S. As Low As $59*! 1 ShareShare 1 LikeLike converted by
  3. 3. Things You Can Expect in Costa Rica: Water Sports, Museums … 1 comment • 2 months ago Renuka Singh — Costa rica is truly gorgeous! I loved that beach shot. Thanks for sharing. Taj Mahotsav Agra 1 comment • 2 months ago Renuka Singh — Thanks for the info! I didn't know the festival is in feb. I'll try to be there. Most Loved Places To Visit In Bangalore: Nature And History … 2 comments • 7 months ago travellerpath — Thanks Renuka! I will share more unexplored places in my next posts. Bus Tours in INDIA – An Experience That Makes Your … 2 comments • 2 months ago shekhar — all these places are amazing ALSO ONTRAVELLER PATH 1 Comment Traveller Path Login Sort by Best Share Join the discussion… • Reply • Nisha • 21 days ago Nice points. I was expecting much details and pointers here. :) 1 WHAT'S THIS? Subscribe Add Disqus to your site Favorite Share › Advertisement Search  Womens Travel Clothes Travel Clothing/Gear For Women Lightweight-Cool-Wrinkle Resistant TweetTweet 0 converted by
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