Skinny Fat Solution is the effective way to help you solve skinny fat condition quickly


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Skinny Fat Solution is the latest program that can help you gain muscle and get fitness completely

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Skinny Fat Solution is the effective way to help you solve skinny fat condition quickly

  1. 1. Skinny Fat Solution Was developed by Anthony Michal
  2. 2. provides more information here
  3. 3. You will find out different packs in the program The Standard Pack
  4. 4. The Hyper Pack
  5. 5. The Standard Pack contains nutrition guides
  6. 6. training guides
  7. 7. lifestyle guides
  8. 8. with components of SOLDIER PHILOSOPHY PDF hits you with a comprehensive look at how SOLDIER comes together. It might just light a fire under your feet. (Warning: it mentions Sparta. I’ve been told that anything that incorporates Sparta must be good. Just saying.)
  9. 9. Soldier 3.0 X Physique Training SOLDIER 3.0 X PHYSIQUE TRAINING PDF gives you the program and teaches you the philosophy behind muscle building, specifically in a way that’s going to cater to an “X” physique. It’s a barbell and bodyweight training program.
  10. 10. Soldier 3.0 Quick Reference Guide SOLDIER 3.0 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE PDF gives you the most important nuggets of information from the training, nutrition, and posture/movement guides in one handy dandy place.
  11. 11. Soldier 3.0 Posture & Movement SOLDIER 3.0 POSTURE & MOVEMENT PDF teaches you how move. Period. It dissects the fundamental human movements in the squat, press, pull, and hinge, and also guts the issue of posture (as it’s often a skinny-fat sore spot).
  12. 12. Soldier 3.0 Exercise Breakdown SOLDIER 3.0 EXERCISE BREAKDOWN PDF breaks down each “main” lift within the program and gives suggestions for substitutions. It also gives links to YouTube videos for demonstrations and is chock full of pictures and diagnosing common problems.
  13. 13. Soldier 3.0 Kitchen And Life Voodoo SOLDIER 3.0 KITCHEN AND LIFE VOODOO sets you straight. Let’s face it. This journey effects everyone around you. This document is the real gem, in my opinion. It gives you some recipes and kitchen tricks as well as some tips on how to integrate changes into your lifestyle. It’s the stuff no one talks about, yet everyone does behind the scenes. How do you deal with nutrition habits at work? How do you deal with changing your life without de- friending your friends? How do you cook food in a time efficient way? How do you *gasp* enjoy eating vegetables? What spices make food taste good? Why is cheese the greatest thing in the world? (OK, so I don’t exactly tackle that last issue, but I’ll admit to the premise of it.)
  14. 14. The Hyper Pack with additional tool to help you finish completely the program and include different parts
  15. 15. Soldier 2.0 – The Stubborn Fat Loss SOLDIER 2.0: THE STUBBORN FAT LOSS PDF , which outlines nutrition and training changes to help you adjust to the fat loss wall and prevent the dreaded starvation mode. It also teaches you about the wall itself so you don’t exhaust the usefulness of this type of training. Crazily enough, this is the time when you probably should eat more here and there. This takes you through that.
  16. 16. Soldier 1.0 – The Hypermuscle Quest SOLDIER 1.0: THE HYPERMUSCLE QUEST PDF, which tells you what you need to know about your new body, specifically that it probably wants to get fat again. Your fat cells are like Gollum in that they want their prescciioussss energy back. Inside, it also outlines the high frequency training philosophy that I like to use in this phase, which is how to combine high frequency bodyweight training and barbell training in a way that best fits your situation. It also shows you how to go about dialing back your nutrition so you’re not fat loss loopy, but yet at the same time not going into bulk mode. The goal is to “normalize” your body so that it cares more about muscle than fat. Warning: a side effect of this is usually getting jacked; just thought I’d let you know. SOLDIER 1.0 also begins to talk about how to transform some of the staple exercises into more powerful “X” physique exercises.
  17. 17. Gmb Perfecting The Pull-Up GMB PERFECTING THE PULL-UP PDF, I’m just going to lay it out there: I treat the barbell deadlift and chin-up like gold. Because they are gold. And because gold is important, I called in my friends over at Gold Medal Bodies to give you some training tips for the pull-up. Ryan Hurst (former gymnast) gives you a progression and proper form to go from 0 to 1 pull-up, and then even some advanced training suggestions.
  18. 18. The Internal Monologue THE INTERNAL MONOLOGUE PDF, I took pictures throughout the first year of my transformation. This PDF is a ‘lil special egg in the lot in that I self coach myself along the way from where I sit now. For instance, a few months in I actually look fatter than in the beginning because of how my body was losing fat. Just little informative nuggets like this I thought would be valuable. - The Standard Pack
  19. 19. You will learn Main information about SOLDIER
  20. 20. The brief philosophy behind muscle gaining
  21. 21. The tips how to obtain the most of nutrition
  22. 22. The techniques how to improve metabolism
  23. 23. Healthy recipesHealthy recipes
  24. 24. How to enjoy fruits and vegetables for keeping you fit
  25. 25. Various exercises and videos you can refer You will discover
  26. 26. The tips you can cook well and fast
  27. 27. The tips how to avoid starvation
  28. 28. The role of bench pressing and the importance of chin-up
  29. 29. You will receive bonus The Ultimate Pack
  30. 30. Access To The Inner Circle ACCESS TO THE INNER CIRCLE for community support and also EXTRA courses. See, this isn’t The Skinny-Fat Solution’s first rodeo. I’ve had previous versions that make an appearance with the rationale of why I might have changed things, so there are different strategies there for those that might do better. Like I said: it’s a personalized kind of place. There’s a forum where you can get feedback on exercise form, additional learning courses, regularly scheduled face time (via Google+ / GoToMeeting) calls. - The Hyper Pack - The Standard Pack
  31. 31. The cost The Standard Pack – costs you $47 The Hyper Pack – costs you $97
  32. 32. 60 day money-back guarantee
  33. 33. You will receive the full package and the bonus with the PDF file
  34. 34. Customer support at