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Social media ecosystem talk for Grand Rapids


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Social media ecosystem talk for Grand Rapids

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: IT’S EVERYWHERE Susan Mernit, October 2010 talk
  2. 2. Twitter: World’s latest breaking news source
  3. 3. Local video reaches across the world We don’t need foreign correspondents
  4. 4. News happens in real time Flickr: February 27, Saturday am: Chilean earthquake 8.8, 4:34 am
  5. 5. Via search & reputation, news is both grass- roots & filtered—almost instantaneously
  6. 6. Implications to think about • Peers are our experts • Social media is our ecosystem • Mobile means access everywhere EVERYONE USES SOCIAL MEDIA It’s the drumbeat. And powerful for clients.
  7. 7. Welcome to the social media ecosystem   200 Million Americans are on Facebook   Roughly 44 million people use Twitter   There are over 4 Billion photos on photo-sharing community Flickr You are now connected to everyone on the planet via search & Facebook
  8. 8. This means: The game Has changed • Even  beyond  Google,  everyone  is  inter-­‐ connected   • We’ve  gone  beyond  centralized  authori:es  that   creden:al  us—newspapers,  universi:es,  affiliate   groups   • To  crowd-­‐sourcing,  networks,  and  the  wisdom   of  crowds   -­‐-­‐Are  you  a  part  of  the  stream?  
  9. 9. How do you show up on the Net?  Who are you connected to? What do you stand for?  You  cannot  hide  in  a  world  of   referral,  recommenda:on  and   reputa:on    And  you  have  to  connect  
  10. 10. Social media has an amplifying power. Do you know how to use it?
  11. 11. Oakland Local: Case study in community engagement & social media marketing
  12. 12. Social media & OL   Facebook: 4,300 friends; 950 active posters (Facebook Insite)   Twitter: 2,500 + followers, 5-10 retweets daily   Flickr: Active flickr site & tags   Scribd: Over 5,000 downloads   YouTube, Vimeo, etc: Active video channels   Who posts? Team of 5 rotate responsibilities
  13. 13. What does this get us?   Facebook & Twitter as top referrers   Powerful community connections: Facebook the AOL of today; people hang out   Ability to engage, discuss, interact   Genuine connections with wide, diverse community   Ability to serve and empower
  14. 14. Uses for social media for small business people   Make your brand more discoverable   Create and manage your own online presence on the web, Facebook, Yelp, Linked In and other sites   Market your brand to customers to increase awareness & sales 14
  15. 15. What is your social media—and online 15 —presence? •  Do you know how your clients show up on the web? Are you discoverable through search? If someone hears of you—can they find you? •  Let’s look at three East Bay retail businesses and see how they show up.
  16. 16. Scream Sorbet HFp://,  Sells  at  Farmer’s  Markets   &  will  have  retail  store  Temescal.   Makes  fresh  sorbet  &  gelato.   16
  17. 17. Scream Sorbet •  Google links: 4,700 •  Blogger links- 274 see •  Social media tools: •  Facebook (528 friends): •  Twitter (456 friends): screamsorbet •  Blogger links- 274-- see •  Yelp (80 reviews): scream-sorbet-emeryville •  TOTAL Social media connections=1,064 17
  18. 18. Scream Sorbet 18
  19. 19. Tara’s organic ice cream 19  (  :  regional  chain,  3  stores   East  Bay  area  
  20. 20. Tara’s   Google links: 2,280   TOTAL Social media Social media tools: Twitter (6   followers): connections=1, 569   Blogger links- 78 see Facebook (1,211 friends),  pages/Taras-Organic-Ice- Cream/46169884276   Yelp:-Temescal,( 34 reviews): organic-ice-cream-oakland)   Yelp-Claremont, Berkeley, (324 reviews): organic-ice-cream-berkeley 20
  21. 21. Tara’s 21
  22. 22. Lush Gelato 22 2  stories,  no  real  web  site,  
  23. 23. Lush Gelato •  Google links: 1,960 •  Blogger links- 75—see •  Social media tools: •  Blog ( •  TOTAL Social media http:// connections=436, •  Facebook, (269 fans): lushgelato •  Twitter, (93 followers): •  Yelp (74 reviews): lush-gelato-oakland 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. Observations 25 •  The smallest and most independent ice cream business —Scream Sorbet-- has the largest social media reach and links on Google and the most mentions by bloggers. •  They use Twitter and Facebook to promote their weekly flavors and have very active and engaged followers who LOVE their product and like to talk about it. •  Customers are sales people and brand advocates. •  There is a personal feel because people are encouraged to fixate on specific flavors.
  26. 26. Lessons to learn 26 •  The cost of customer acquisition is LOWER with social media than with direct mail or most advertising •  The online activity supports the OFFLINE activities •  Feeling of fun and passion fits love of great sorbet/ gelato/ice cream •  Social media drives interest in the product, which results in leads and sales
  27. 27. How did these owners do it? 27 •  Applied resources and time to managing online marketing: Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Yelp •  Monitored results and checked impact on both web site traffic and real-world customers (How did you hear about us? “On Twitter.) •  Had clear messaging around specific actions and opportunities (Come in today for chocolate caramel ice cream; Take part in our ice-cream giveaway at our store.) •  Made a plan, set goals and tried it. •   
  28. 28. We MEASURE like crazy!   Google analytics   Google search (reach, impact)   Facebook insites   Tweetreach   On-going analysis & course corrections
  29. 29. Action steps you can take now 29 •  Check out what people are saying about you on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter. • • • •  Yelp (search box) or name of your business in quotes + Yelp (Example: "Scream Sorbet" + Yelp, •  Set up a Google alert for you, your business and your competitors (see Have it come to you as a daily email or RSS feed.
  30. 30. Useful resources 30 •   Facebook Business Account FAQ: •  Twitter account creation: •  Great article on social media and small business: media-drives-new-business-six-case-studies/ •    •  Don’t forget about follow-up classes from Oakland Local Academy—and the social media support our consulting group can provide you with along with advertising services.
  31. 31. Oakland Local loves to share community strategies Keep in touch Twitter: @Susanmernit, @oaklandlocal Email: Site: Follow us on Facebook !