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GPS for Movers


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Provides insight to moving companies as to why and how GPS tracking is being used.

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GPS for Movers

  1. 1. VehiclePath for Movers “Why I need GPS Tracking?”
  2. 2. View live traffic updates
  3. 3. What happens in your company when asked whereis your driver? • Driver to find out where he is.YOU Likely Start Hopefully you where able to reach Calling them, otherwise… • Someone in the office to see if they know where the driver is • Client to let them know where the driver is. Hopefully you still have their number handy, otherwise you might just be calling... • Wife/Husband /Partner to let them know you will be home late because you are dealing with a problem
  4. 4. Why your company wants traffic updates • Reduce calls and saves time allowing you to focus on other business • Set expectations for your client and driver before the job even begins • Quantifies hours of work submitted by driver • No need to call your driver on route, know when he is stuck in traffic or where he is with one click • Justifies charges for hourly based services should delays occur due to traffic
  5. 5. Verify Hours of Servicewith start and stop reporting
  6. 6. What happens in your company?Is time spent at OR
  7. 7. Why you want start and stop reporting • Identifies whether vehicles have made unscheduled stops • Eliminates customers disputes in terms of length of time on site • Identifies whether a vehicle is being used off hours
  8. 8. Tracking Idle Time
  9. 9. What happens in your company?
  10. 10. Why you want to track idle time • Monitoring idling time alone can justify the need for a solution “Gasoline engines consume between two and half and four litres of fuel per hour while idling” - Natural Resources Canada • You can’t manage what you don’t measure
  11. 11. Where are my contents?
  12. 12. What your customers are saying is they want a “Big Brother”• Moving rates in the top 5 most stressful times of a persons life• Arrival time for delivery and elevator use are critical• Lifes possessions are in unknown hands• Theft is always a concern
  13. 13. Why you want vehicle tracking for your customers • Reduces customer concerns, stress and phone calls • Added value to your moving services by providing individual customers with smartphone access to minute by minute location of their possessions on route
  14. 14. • What is happening in your industry? – Your competition is using GPS tracking services to improve client relations and operational efficiencies• Why is the moving industry using GPS tracking? – It makes business sense – Competitive rates and the latest technology is now available with no long term contracts – Seasonal rates for those off peak times is available
  15. 15. For additional information on GPS trackingComplete the “Get answers and resources” form on our website today: