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GPS for Carriers


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Provides rational as to why carriers should be using GPS tracking and what other carriers are receiving in terms of benefits.

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GPS for Carriers

  1. 1. VehiclePath for Carriers “Why I need GPS Tracking?” February 26, 2013
  2. 2. To view live traffic updates and know where my trucks and trailers are at any given time.
  3. 3. What happens in your company when… • A shipper says, “Where is your driver he was suppose to be here hours ago?” or “Where is my shipment?” • A potential customer calls and you know your driver has capacity for an additional pick up and is on route • When a customer requests to change/add a pick up or drop off location • Paperwork for the driver isn’t ready and your not sure where he is or how close he is to the border
  4. 4. This is what happens in your company? You are scrambling and hoping you will be able to reach them in all timely fashion.
  5. 5. Why your company wants traffic updates • Reduce calls, no need to call your driver on route • Set expectations for your client and driver before the job even begins • Plan driver routes more efficiently • Know when he is stuck in traffic or on route with one click • Justifies charges for hourly based fees should delays occur
  6. 6. We verify Hours of Servicewith start and stop reporting
  7. 7. What happens in your company?Was the dock available? Are goods falling off the truck?
  8. 8. Why you want start and stop reporting • Identifies whether vehicles have made unscheduled stops • Eliminates driver and customers disputes in terms of length of time on site • Identifies whether a vehicle is being used off hours • Provides additional security of goods being transported
  9. 9. Tells me when I need to do my next maintenance checks?
  10. 10. What happens in your company? Hours of service lost, customer delays, insurance increase or worst? “Need Peace of Mind”
  11. 11. Why your drivers and you could use a “Big Brother”• Drivers will appreciate knowing their trucks are reliable and safe to operate• Arrival time for delivery and drop offs are a critical part of your business and you want to rely on a dependable vehicle• Regular safety checks are required by law• Helps to better schedule down times
  12. 12. We Track Idle Time
  13. 13. What happens in your company?Do you know how long yourvehicles are idling?
  14. 14. Why you want to track idle time “The average long-haul truck idles approximately 1800 hours (hr) a year at a cost of approximately $7000 in fuel alone.” - Natural Resources Canada• Monitoring idling time alone can justify the cost• You can’t manage what you don’t measure• All this and more for $35 a month per unit with no long term contract
  15. 15. For additional information or a demo on GPS trackingComplete the “Get answers and resources” form today and qualify for a 5% discount per unit