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Creating a Quick and Easy Report


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Reports are a great way to get your business viral or to sell for profit.

This presentation will help you create professional reports.

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Creating a Quick and Easy Report

  1. 1. Creating a Quick and Easy Report Susan Harrison Harrison Kenyon Marketing
  2. 2. Creating a Quick and Easy Report If you run a website you most likely give away free content or gifts to your website visitors. One common problem for marketers is to know what type of content to give away and then to know how to actually create it.
  3. 3. Creating a Quick and Easy Report Well, I have a great solution for this and it is to simply reuse some of your existing content and turn it into a report. You can give away this report, use it as a free gift or even sell it. All of this can be quickly achieved if you follow my methods below.
  4. 4. Creating a Quick and Easy Report For this you can use content which you may have already published on your blog. Or you can use some of that content which you purchased and which is still sitting on your computer!
  5. 5. Creating a Quick and Easy Report All you need for a giveaway report is a short report of about 10 pages. Simply take several blog posts or unused articles and combine them into a report. Of course you will need to use related content and to ensure that each article runs in some form of chronological order. You may need to add a few paragraphs to get the flow of the material right.
  6. 6. Creating a Quick and Easy Report Once you have your report compiled you can easily spruce it up with images or photographs. If you add a contents page, an introduction and a conclusion your report will look more professional. It doesn’t hurt to run a header or footer along with some page numbering as well.
  7. 7. Creating a Quick and Easy Report You may want to create a cover for your report. For this you can use any of the page cover templates which are included in programs such as Microsoft Word. Or you may wish to create your own covers or get someone to do them for you.
  8. 8. Creating a Quick and Easy Report Using this method you can easily whip up a new report in hours and have a new gift to give to your subscribers. Your new report could be used as a bonus gift with another product or you may want to use this method to create longer reports that you can sell.
  9. 9. Creating a Quick and Easy Report Creating a quick and easy report can be easily done by repurposing content that you own. You do not have to do any additional research or go to the expense of hiring a freelance writer. So why not look on your hard drive and see what content is sitting there collecting dust?
  10. 10. Creating a Quick and Easy Report To learn how to build a following a rock star would envy visit