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Source: Scientific Games State of the Industry FY12
• Multi-point category audit resulting in changes to
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Lottery Instant Category Turnaround


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Informed by data and inspired by the customer the Hoosier Lottery engineered a rapid turnaround of its instant product business as part of a enterprise wide transformation. This infographic provides highlights of the Instant turnaround.

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Lottery Instant Category Turnaround

  1. 1. Source: Scientific Games State of the Industry FY12 Indiana Actions • Multi-point category audit resulting in changes to product, distribution, sales and marketing strategies. • Segmentation, concept testing and other customer insight gathering. • Multi-variate predictive forecasting aligning distribution, sales and accounting data. • Distributed reporting, tracking and analytics across sales, retail, product management and marketing. • A single version of truth, common language and aligned goals & spending across IT, accounting, sales, retail, marketing and product management. Result • 6% 4 yr CAGR, income (FY09 – pre-PMA FY13 forecast) • + >10 points past year participation. (psos Quarterly Tracking.) • >90% same day activation rate. • +15% set size, +15% set productivity. • Increased sell-through rate & reduced inventory at retail. • Reduction advertising & marketing spending. Issue • Distant last, all measured lotteries for YoY +/- %. • Double digit • playership loss • sales declines • return rate • Excessive inventory in warehouse, in field. Situation • No in-house product management. • Limited HQ legacy knowledge. • Limited data, reporting and tracking. Codei @goligs 317.496.4411 Product Sell Through By Game Prize Structure Comp/Tracking Theme Index Report/Charting Sales Tracking By Game Inventory Tracking–Warehouse, Retail Promotion Digital In-store Effectiveness Advertising Awareness Incentive Tracking Merchandising Analysis Digital Analytics 2nd Chance Promotion Place Per Price Point Top Selling Game Corporate Account Specific Avg Sales Per Bin Optimization Retailer Set Dashboard Game Penetration Analysis Game Day Activation Tracking Set Optimization – By Location Planogram Optimization Performance Rolling Multi-variate Forecast Weekly Goal Tracking Sales By Week, By Region Dashboards – Retail, State, Region, Marketing, Set Expense Tracking Weekly Business Trending Weekly Instant Orders Bin Push Tracking Pipeline Management Vending Optimization Data-Driven Delivers DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Building Data-Driven & Customer-Centric Organizations AN INSTANT CATEGORY TURNAROUND In FY09, the Hoosier Lottery found itself facing double digit declines in both their Instant business and their past year participation percentages, a ranking of distant last in the industry, increasing product return rates and declining product sell-through rates. To engineer a rapid turnaround, Lottery staff turned to data and the customer to inform product, marketing, sales and distribution strategies and ultimately engineer a transformation not only of the Instant business, but of the business as a whole. FROM LAST TO LEADERSHIP Incremental Spending $0 Customer Concept Testing Tracking Segmentation Digital Customer Satisfaction Survey GAMES LAUNCHED: FY09: 77 FY13: 51 (49 $5 or under) If everything about the way we do business is changing, we have to be willing to change more than the technology we use.™ ©2016 CODEI, LLC. All Rights Reserved. PEOPLE DATA SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY ORGANIZATION PLANNING & PROCESS CUSTOMER Data Governance Single Version Of The Truth Distributed Access Data Integration Ongoing Learning Integrated Inputs/Outputs