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Lottery Data-driven, Customer-centric Digital Transformation


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Leading an organization through a digital transformation is a complex effort requiring coordination and collaboration across six practice areas of change. Although it isn't simple, easy or quick, with the right priorities, resources and courage to stop chasing and start focusing, it can be done. Graphic offers highlights and a bit of detail on the transformation of the Hoosier Lottery which resulted in a business turnaround and took it from an industry laggard to a consistent industry leader.

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Lottery Data-driven, Customer-centric Digital Transformation

  1. 1. CONCLUSION Once your infographic is ready, you’ll need to save the PowerPoint slide as an image. Simply go to File  Save As and select PNG (Portable Network Graphics). Saving the slide in PNG is an important aspect of your final product. The PNG format is the only file type that will give your infographics the high quality they need for publishing. No • Single Version of the Truth • Product Management, Business Intelligence, Digital, Social, CRM, Shopper Marketing or Customer Insights • Brand, Marketing or Media Planning, Benchmarking & Analysis • Limited Expense Tracking and Reporting. ENGINEERING A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONtm myLottery award winning CRM program Events & Sponsorship Integrated PR Integrated Social Launched Measureable goals defined, playbook & training Complete Lastin industry, YOY Scratch sales (Q3 FY09). NO directed control of net income +/-. Industry Leader +$1.3M Sales Per Employee Margin stability. Double Digit YOY+ Scratch sales. Top 5 YoY Other Draw Game Growth Multi-year >5% Net Income Growth 80+ ACSI Satisfaction Scores2 70%+ PY Playership1 . $0MIncremental Spending Early 2007 Product Management competency initiated – Scratch-off & Draw Built from customer insights & gap analysis. Scratch-off Audit/Analysis Strategy Overhaul Initiated Underfunded • Retail Strategy • Web • Loyalty • Data Strategy & Management • Sponsorship, Event & Promotion Strategies Source: Hoosier Lottery financial reporting. Forecast as of Fall 2012. Yes • Product Management, Business Intelligence, Customer Insights, Digital, Social, CRM, Shopper Marketing • Single Version of Truth & Common Language. • Predictive Analytics, Robust Reporting, Multi-Variate Predictive Forecasting. • Master & Product Brands, Website, CRM, Event and Retail • Moving Towards Integrated, Digitally- Centric Customer Experience thru November, 2012 New/ Optimized • Product Development Processes & Controls • Customer Insights. • Website, CRM, SFA. • Advanced Retail Strategy & Merchandising • Data Strategy, Process, Controls and Reporting. Silo’ed organization no business intelligence, no product management, no customer insights Integrated, data-driven, collaborative and aligned around customer. Aligned revenue, income, expense. New ways to plan, do, engage, measure and value. ‘07 ‘09 ‘08 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 SOME OF THE DETAIL Project Silver DEVELOPING Establish a starting point, who are the customers, what and where is data, what are current resources, what are data management practices and what should they be, what are priorities, what else do we need know? Audit & Understanding l Player Research, Industry Benchmarking, ROI Analysis l Basic Business Tracking & Reporting 1 Quarterly Tracking, September Readout, Ipsos (excludes ~13% of Hoosiers morally opposed) 2 Website Customer Satisfaction Tracking, Foresee 3 FY13 Sales, Through 10/9 4 9/13 Forecast, retailer count ~3975. Codei @goligs 317.496.4411 DIAGNOSING What do customers think, are we reaching them, where is opportunity, are we allocating resources well, why did that happen, what additional resources/tools do we need, are we enrolling the organization, what are priorities, what else do we need to know? Touch Points, Site Usability, Retail l Dashboards l Expense Tracking & Controls l Expansion of Data Sets l Promotion & Media Spending Testing 1 TV 2 Retail 3 Experiences UNDERSTANDING Where can we be better, can we better quantify actions, how can we acquire more/better data, what actions need to stop (and vice versa), where can we test, what are priorities, what else do we need to know? Brand/Product Testing, Gap Analysis, ROI Analyses l Cost Tracking/Reconciliation l Refining Processes l Expansion of Data Sets l Team Expansion l Promotion, Merchandising & Account Specific Testing & Optimization. OPTIMIZING Are priorities aligned and organization integrated, what shifts need to be made, what are gaps that need to be filled, where else should we be testing, what needs to stop/start, what are priorities, what else do we need to know? Quarterly Tracking, Scratch Testing, Scratch Full-Line Audit, Multivariate Predictive Forecasting, Casino Revenue Impact, Retail Line Review/Audit l Corp Account and Retail Reporting l CRM and Expanded Product Management l Data Set Expansion l Events, Promotion, Product, Licensed Properties, Direct Mail Testing & Optimization. PREDICTING What do we believe will happen if we take certain actions, do we need new tools/resources/data, are we taking enough risks, how are we using what we know/have, what do customers really want, where can we innovate, what are priorities, what else do we need to know? Segmentation, Price Point Audits, Cross Sell Impact, Site Usability, Event ROI, Bin/Set Analysis, Product Sell Through, Vending l Set Dashboard, Pipeline & Inventory Tracking, Game Expense, Benchmarking, CRM, Web, Social, Goal Tracking l Data Set Expansion l Project Silver l Planogram/Sets, Merchandising, Account Specific, Vending, Digital, Retail Branding, Jackpot Signs Testing & Optimization. Touchpoints2008 Launch Customer Centric Digital Strategy Centralize customer around digital platform. mylottery Best in class/proprietary 80+ Sat Scores Best In Class Award Winning Clarifying the picture. Turning data into value. Long term vision. Short term results. People at the center, built on Data, inspired by the Customer. ShopperMarketing Launched (10+)pts --> 10+pts +>10 Pts Playership Post Turnaround Media Planning Introduced ’08: 30+ Wks Awareness > 55 ‘07: 10 Wks, Awareness > 55 (major markets only) PRIORITIES Expand/Enhance/Integrate Data Strategy, Infrastructure, Architecture Instant Product Optimization 4% Net Lift At Retail Digital Signage JACKPOT ALERT TESTING Actual differential 18 pts, some likely due to shift in methodology. Ipsos Quarterly Tracking & MARZ Player Behavior. Customer Inspired Brand Re-launch Return Rate Sell-through Rate Potential Contract Savings +15pts -5+pts EST$3M ROI-based roll-out ‘11 – ‘12 18% avg. net lift 18%-80% +YOY Begin ROI-based statewide roll-out. RETAIL BRANDING Product Management discipline for Digital and CRM. 27Double Digit Scratch YOY Straight Wks PEOPLE DATA SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY ORGANIZATION CUSTOMER PLANNING & PROCESS DIRECTING What actions should we take to achieve desired outcomes, what are opportunities, what do we expect, how are we driving innovation and preparing for future, how we can better predict and meet the needs of lottery customers, what are priorities, what else do we need to know? Draw LOI Analysis, Segmentation Integration, Merchandising/Bin/Set Optimization, New Retailer & New Customer Opportunity, Prize Structure and Odds Analytics, Sales/POS Audit l Draw Game Expense, Marketing Dashboard, Bin Optimization, Media Tracking l Data Set Expansion l Digital, Cross Channel Integration, Jackpot Alert, Retail, Promotions Testing & Optimization. Positive Corporate Opinion1 FALL2012 FALL2012 Website Satisfaction2 Industry LeadingPerformer Past Year Playership1 20%+ Ad Awareness1 12%69% 73% 82 68% YOY 3 4 Year Same Store Sales Growth4 up to 4:1 Consumer Sales Premium Price Point Plan Analysis Store Branding Tracking & Analysis FY12/FY10 post strategy shift, FY13 planning. Scratch-off print contract RFP prep. Digital jackpot sign test tracking. ExactTarget Subscriber Rules Sponsorship ROI IEG based sponsorship analytics. Foresee2 Consumer Sales Tracking. . through Nov 2012 o Frequency/spend, casual & infrequent players. o Diversify & stabilize draw game revenue*. o Same store sales growth. o Data-driven decision-making & optimization. Priority Strategies For Profitable Growth Full Line Business Audit Vendor of Year DoubleDigitProfitableGrowth Sales Lift But No ROI For TV Prior to founding CODEI, Susan Golightly served as Hoosier Lottery’s Director of Marketing from 2007 – 2012, directing their digital transformation to becoming a data-driven, customer-centric organization.. ©2016 CODEI, LLC. All rights reserved. *Strategic priority shifted to Scratch-off in late 2009 due to urgent category needs. JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS Lottery gets social. Optimedia Media Planning, FY08  Aligned revenue and income.  Directed growth.  Stable return on sales rate. Multi-variate predictive forecasting initiated. Creating a data-driven, customer-centric organization. ©2016 CODEI,LLC All rights reserved. Year Over Year +/- %