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Presentation for session #203 of the IFLA Conference 2012 "Empowering Library Users to Solve Problems: Our Stories."

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Ifla203 archambault

  1. 1. Desk Statistics Under A Microscope =Improved Library Services Susan [Gardner] Archambault Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, CA, USA
  2. 2. Loyola Marymount University• Private Catholic University in Los Angeles, California• 5900+ undergraduates and 1900+ graduates• William H. Hannon Library Information Desk open 24/5
  3. 3. Overview• Case study: Assessment of transactions collected from LMU’s Information Desk• Data collected through the Gimlet electronic tracking system• Content analysis performed on data• Resulted in changes/advancements based on user needs
  4. 4. Gimlet Interface
  5. 5. Directional Signage
  6. 6. A content analysis was run on directional questionsasked at the Information Desk to get a list of broad categories
  7. 7. Word frequencies were then totaled within each category
  8. 8. PowerPoint Slides Created forFrequent Directional Queries
  9. 9. Rotated Within Nix X15A 15’ Digital Photo Frame
  10. 10. Building a New FAQ Knowledge Base
  11. 11. Word Frequencies by Materials
  12. 12. LibAnswers FAQ Knowledge Base
  13. 13. Student Usability Testing
  14. 14. Integrated Into New “Get Help” Page
  15. 15. New Technical Services
  16. 16. Technical Questions Analysis• Technical questions broken out by word frequency• Demand for scanner and color printer• Frequent questions about computer availability
  17. 17. LMU Student Scanning Survey
  18. 18. ResultsSurvey Results Epson GT-2500 Scanner• Scan documents rather than books• Color scanning• Document sheet feeder• Ease of use
  19. 19. Ricoh Color Printer
  20. 20. Online Computer Availability MapLabStats, from Computer Solutions, allows you to create maps basedon tracking the usage of the computers managed by the system.
  21. 21. Additional Analysis: Technical Questions• How to access software we already owned• How to switch operating systems (Mac to Windows)• How to recover lost work
  22. 22. New Desktop Image
  23. 23. New Reference Services
  24. 24. Colleges Asking More Difficult QuestionsCollege TimesBusiness 63Communication & Fine Arts 27Education 14Film & Television 6Liberal Arts 148Science 14
  25. 25. More Business Questions on Mondays/TuesdaysDay of Week Number of QuestionsSunday 7Monday 23Tuesday 18Wednesday 15Thursday 8Friday 10Saturday 6
  26. 26. Satellite Roving Reference @School of Business on Tuesdays
  27. 27. Advertising Roving Through Location-Based Check-Ins
  28. 28. Top Databases Used: Information DeskDatabase Times Used OneSearch 12JSTOR 47 WorldCAT 12Academic Search Complete 45 Business & Co. R.C. 10Proquest 45 GVRL 9PsycINFO 33 Lit. ResourceCntr 9Business Source Complete 28 Euromonitor 8LexisNexis 23 Lit. Criticism Online 8Ebsco 21 Soc. Abstracts 8MLA Intl Bibliography 18 Science Direct 7ERIC 17 Biography in Context 6ATLA 14 CMMC 6Bibloi 14 Opposing Viewpts 6ABI Inform 13 Proquest Dissert. 6Mergent 13 Sage Jnls Online 6CQ Researcher 12
  29. 29. Upcoming Workshops
  30. 30. Conclusions• Daily recording of reference statistics allows for systematic monitoring of user questions and patterns• Recording statistics electronically makes data analysis much easier• Can lead to proactive, user-driven changes in services
  31. 31. Selected Bibliography• Simple Concordance Program: www.textworld.com/scp• Gimlet: https://gimlet.us• Computer Lab Solutions LLC: www.computerlabsolutions.com/labmaps.cfm
  32. 32. Additional Acknowledgements• Thank you to the William H. Hannon Library Research Incentive Travel Grant• Thank you to all members of the Reference & Instruction Department between 2009-present; and Burney Wong, IT Specialist for the Library
  33. 33. Additional Information• PPT: bit.ly/iflamicroscope• Contact Info: Susan [Gardner] Archambault Email: susan.gardner@lmu.edu Twitter: @susanLMU