Cloudlink 4.0 for Cisco and Salesforce


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Integrate Cisco Collaboration tools inside of

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Cloudlink 4.0 for Cisco and Salesforce

  1. 1. ESNA CLOUDLINK 4.0 Integration
  2. 2. Agenda ● ● ● ● What’s Happening in the World Around Us The Collaborative Revolution Esna + Cisco Redefine Collaboration Customer Successes
  3. 3. What is the Internet Anyway?
  4. 4. 40% 95% 230K Years own a smartphone using cloud services social media per month
  5. 5. Time Spent Online AVERAGE TIME SPENT 16 Hours Global Internet Users/Month GLOBAL ONLINE POPULATION GLOBAL HOURS ONLINE/MONTH 2,095,006,000 35 BILLION = 30% of World’s Population = 3,995,444 Years 32 Hours U.S. Internet Users/Month
  6. 6. Enterprise Apps are Moving to the Cloud InformationWeek – Cloud Software, What’s Next – Aug 2013
  7. 7. What’s Moving to the Cloud CDW’s 2013 State of the Cloud Report
  8. 8. As more of the business applications we use move to the Cloud, so must the tools we use to communicate and collaborate with one another InformationWeek – Cloud Software, What’s Next – Aug 2013
  9. 9. Google Chrome is the fastest growing web browser 750M+ users on Chrome today
  10. 10. Esna + Cisco Connecting People, Process and Data Across the Modern Enterprise Consistent across devices Available anytime, anywhere Embedded inside business processes and apps Persistent across apps and devices Presence, IM, Voice & Video Communications, Click-to-Call, Unified Messaging, WebEx, Geo-Location Sharing
  11. 11. The Value of Esna + Cisco Collaboration Solutions ● ● ● ● Allow people to connect with one another across time zones and functional boundaries Enable more efficient business processes Accelerate business results Foster disruptive innovation
  12. 12. What Makes Up Officelinx 9.1 Officelinx 9.1 Components and Features iLINK Click-to-Call (via TAPI) Federated Presence to Google Chrome Extensions Application Server ● ● ● iLINK for Cisco (HTML5 Client) Jabber Voice and Video Jabber Presence Instant Messaging Group Chat Location Sharing Salesforce Integration CLOUDLINK App Server Unified Messaging (Google Apps and Jive) Comprehensive collaboration solution bundle One price Ability to provision and turn features on/off iLINK for WebEx Integration in Google Calendar Integration with Gmail
  13. 13. Officelinx Redefines Collaboration ● Officelinx integrates collaboration inside business processes and applications ● Officelinx enables collaboration to happen anytime anywhere across different devices and platforms ● Officelinx connects people, process and data across the modern enterprise
  14. 14. Esna iLink Extensions Embed Cisco Collaboration in Any Web Application Deliver Cisco Collaboration as Chrome Browser Extensions Users can install iLink Chrome extensions for Cisco from the Chrome Store; administrators can also pre-install Cloudlink extensions using the Chrome Admin Panel Anywhere, Anytime Access to Cisco Collaboration Users can access their Cisco collaboration services from any Chrome browser
  15. 15. Salesforce Integration iLink for Cisco integration with Salesforce through Salesforce Open CTI ● Presence ● Instant messaging ● Group chat ● Jabber voice/video ● Call management ● Location sharing ● Call logging
  16. 16. Jabber Presence in Salesforce ● ● See the availability of others using the iLink for Cisco extension, plug-in or slider iLink for Cisco pulls presence from Cisco as well as Google Calendar* *For organizations that use Google Apps
  17. 17. Jabber IM in Salesforce ● ● ● Chat 1-on-1 or with a group of people Add people to any IM session Share your location or move to a WebEx meeting right within the chat window
  18. 18. Jabber Voice and Video in Salesforce ● ● Start a live voice or video conversation from any Chrome browser Make 1:1 voice and video calls*, or multi-party voice conference calls from the web *Windows and Mac only
  19. 19. Click-to-Call in Salesforce ● ● ● Click-to-call any phone number or extension displayed in Salesforce Select the desk phone, softphone or mobile device you want to make the call from Outbound calls are automatically logged as an activity in Salesforce
  20. 20. Call Pops ● ● ● Identify and match incoming calls with Salesforce records for easy access to customer and prospect records Inbound calls are automatically logged in Salesforce Call management controls (answer, hold, transfer)
  21. 21. Where to Get More Information 4.0 Cisco Verified Compatible Solution
  22. 22. THANK YOU
  23. 23. Technical Requirements Esna Cloudlink 4.0 server iLink for Cisco Chrome browser extension Cisco Jabber Cisco Web Communicator plugin v9.2+ Cisco Unified Presence Server v8.6 and up Cisco WebEx Messenger v1.2 Salesforce Open CTI interface requires Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited editions