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Fields of Dreams: How CRM Requirements Affect your Company


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A presentation to the Wine Industry Technology Symposium on July 10, 2012 on How CRM Requirements affect your company. Many tout CRM or data capture as the end game - build (or buy) a database, fill it with customer data and sales will result. Learn from those who built CRM systems what requirements you need to look for and how your strategy (Sales? Retention? Growth?), channels (On Site? Web? Social Media?) and implementation can affect your overall company.

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Fields of Dreams: How CRM Requirements Affect your Company

  1. 1. Fields  of  Dreams? How your CRM Requirements and Strategies Affect Your Company1 July  10-­‐11,  2012        Napa  Valley  Marrio4
  2. 2. Looking Ahead: Things to Think About2 July  10-­‐11,  2012        Napa  Valley  Marrio4
  3. 3. Susan    DeMateiOwner Vinalyc              @sdematei   July  10-­‐11,  2012        Napa  Valley  Marrio4
  4. 4. Scalability  is  Key• Whatever  you  build  today,  you  want  to  use,  and build  upon  designed by Nicholas Felton via the New York Times
  5. 5. Three  Areas  You  Should  be  IncorporaCnginto  Your  CRM  Strategy  Now*• Mobile• Social  Media  (Social  CRM)• 3600  customer  view  including  trade  transacCons*Each  has  its  own  technology  challenge  and  value associated  with  it.    Depending  on  your  wine  price, business,  target,  one  may  be  more  urgent  or relevant  than  another.
  6. 6. Are  You  OpCmized  to  Collect  Data  on Mobile  Devices? • While  8  in  10  adults  in  the  US  now  have  a  cell  phone,  more  than a  third  (35%)  of  all  Americans  now  own  a  smartphone • Of  these,  one  quarter  conduct  most  of  their  online  browsing  on  their phone.  1 • Two  primary  intercepCon  points  -­‐  research,  and  shopping  cart • Four  out  of  five  US  smartphone  owners,  use  phone  to  research  shopping2 • 74  percent  made  a  purchase following  research  on  phone21. July 2011 Pew Internet & American Life Project2. Google/Ipsos April 2011 Survey of US smartphone owners
  7. 7. OpportuniCes  to  Capture  Data  WhileCustomer  Researches  Purchase
  8. 8. Shopping  Cart  OpportuniCes • OpCmize  your  store • Know  your  Google  AnalyCcs • Understand  overall  mobile customer  behavior • 76  %  purchased  in-­‐store1 • 22  %  purchased  through  a mobile  app1 • The  average  annual  spend  on mobile  purchases  was  US $30011. Google/Ipsos April 2011 Survey of US smartphone owners
  9. 9. Don’t  Forget  About  “Couch  Commerce”• A  recent  Forrester  study  found  that  tablet  users  spent  more Cme  online  with  their  tablet  than  their  PC  and  over  half  of  them use  it  for  shopping• In  fact,  among those  who  owned mulCple  devices, the  tablet  trumps both  the spartphone  and the  PC  as  the preferred  shopping device
  10. 10. Other  Mobile  OpportuniCes • eCommerce  at  events • ipads  and  portable  mobile check  out  in  busy  tasCng rooms • Sign  up  for  mailing  list  with QR  code • Mobile  apps
  11. 11. Challenges  &  ConsideraCons • Challenges • IntegraCon • Compliance • ConsideraCons • Consolidate  with  other  data  channels  for  360  degree view • But  segment  in  analysis  for  ROI
  12. 12. Social  CRM• Age  of  choice  -­‐  SM  is  another  communicaCon channel• And  it’s  viral
  13. 13. 4  Steps  to  Social  CRM1. Know  your  customers’  behavior • Monitoring  tools  (Radian6,  Social  Connect)2. Intercept  them  where  you  can  with  opCmized  soluCon3. Append  customer  profile  in  CRM  with  contact  info  and preferred  communicaCon  method4. Communicate  them  in  preferred  channel
  14. 14. Trade• If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is • Jan Carlzon, ex-CEO SAP Group• 3600  view  means  retail  behavior  as  well• Look  forward  and  work  toward  a  two  way  data  sharing  world where  the  customer  is  delighted • Share  engagement  strategies  with distributors  &  retailers • Ask  them  to  parCcipate  and  support their  efforts • Encourage  site  visits  and  capture  and build  data • Report  back  to  them
  15. 15. Final  Thought  for  Future  Plans:RetenCon  is  the  New  AcquisiCon• New customer acquisition gets nearly double the attention of customer retention efforts• 91% of Companies measure the success of a marketing program by the number of new customers acquired1• Over a 5 year period customer attrition rates could reach as high as 50% in a unmanaged database21. 2009 Survey of Marketing, Media and Measurement, by King Fish Media2. 2010 Report from Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company
  16. 16. QuesCons?