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LinkedIn, Twitter, and Online Fact v Fiction


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Utilized with MKT597 Digital and Social Media Marketing at the University of Alabama. This presentation focuses on LinkedIn, Twitter, and online fact versus fiction. Case examples of RefactorU LinkedIn Company Profile and Global Foresight LinkedIn Group as well as Shake Shack's Twitter account are highlighted. An excellent TEDTalk by Markham Nolan explores the ideas around fact checking online resources and how this affects modern day online journalism and modern day social media references.

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LinkedIn, Twitter, and Online Fact v Fiction

  1. 1. LinkedIn, Twitter, & Online Fact v. Fiction By: Susan Fant / These Slides are for Educational Purposes Only The University of Alabama Marketing Department MKT597: Digital & Social Media Marketing Fall Semester 2013
  2. 2. LinkedIn & Social Media convincing-your-boss-to-care-about-social-media
  3. 3. LinkedIn Profiles
  4. 4. Following Companies
  5. 5. Company Profiles
  6. 6. Presenting Solutions
  7. 7. Making Connections
  8. 8. Influencers
  9. 9. Groups
  10. 10. Managing a Group
  11. 11. Group Targeting
  12. 12. Understanding Group Growth
  13. 13. Twitter
  14. 14. Personal Vs. Company Twitter Profiles • What are you doing? (Person – Person) • What is the company doing? (Company – Person) • How do we respond to each other? (Person- Person & Company-Person)
  15. 15. How Companies Respond Via Twitter The Case of the Shake Shack Fries
  16. 16. Customers and Responses
  17. 17. Direct Responses
  18. 18. How Do We Tell Online Fact from Fiction?
  19. 19. Questions? @snoopy @woodstock @snoopygrams