How to Sell Sheep in Kuwait and Instagram, Twitter, and Microsharing Platforms


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This presentation focuses on the many uses of quick sharing social media such as Twitter and Instagram. The class utilizes many examples include Kuwaiti entrepreneurs utilizing Instagram, the Southern Ground Music and Food Fest Nashville, and Already Furnished's efforts to utilize the quick sharing platforms in social media to increase followers

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How to Sell Sheep in Kuwait and Instagram, Twitter, and Microsharing Platforms

  1. 1. How to Sell Sheep in Kuwait and the Use of Instagram, Twitter & Quick Sharing Platforms Susan Fant / / These Slides are for Educational Purposes Only – The University of Alabama Marketing Department MKT597: Digital & Social Media Marketing Fall Semester 2013 Image:
  2. 2. @Instagram -ing with #Kuwait • Kuwaiti officials worrying about how to bring down the gulf state’s unemployment rate, estimated at 3% has started looking to Instagram • But Instagram provides a free storefront (check out Taobao in China) modeled after Ebay • Entrepreneurs can use Instagram to take pictures and find customers Source:
  3. 3. Sheeps_Sell Prices for sheep reached a peak of 150 Kuwaiti dinar ($525) per head Kuwait is a net importer of sheep. The country obtains sheep from Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Source: Sheeps_Sells Instagram Sept. 30, 2013
  4. 4. Connecting with Customers • Sheeps_sell’s ads on Instagram – Reassures & connects with the public – ”We have them all, sacrificial and carcasses of all ages. We will bring them to you for all events and birthdays. We promise you, honesty is very important to us. 100% Kuwaiti management. We deliver to all the neighborhoods of Kuwait.” Source: Sheeps_Sells Instagram Sept. 30, 2013
  5. 5. Experiment Time: Live Instagram • Let’s see how much attention we can all get, right now….? 1. Instagram teaching this class 2. Instagram Local Business Examples
  6. 6. Instragram’ing all Over the World Southernbelletravels: Southern Ground Music and Food Fest Part Two! #nashville #musiccity #southernground This Post Builds: 1. interconnectivity 2. online & offline goodwill 3. loyalty 4. free advertising to target audiences Southern Ground Music and Food Fest Nashville’s Account
  7. 7. Building AWARENESS for Local Tuscaloosa Businesses #Rolltide
  8. 8. What Does This Accomplish? To be a social media expert, analyze the previous campaign examples by using…. Social Media’s Core Functions: Monitor, Respond, Amplify, Lead
  9. 9. Twitter – The Other MicroBlog • “Users and governments embraced twitter to CONNECT  individuals and communities of users” • Think Seth Godin’s TRIBES example: “Great leaders create movements by empowering the tribe to communicate. They est. the foundation to connect as opposed to commanding people to follow them.” Sources: Culture of Connectivity, 2012 & Seth Godin’s Tribes
  10. 10. Twitter Users • First adopted “older” users • Personal and professional levels • Newspapers and journalists use Twitter to break stories • Rising citizen journalism – Hudson River Plane Crash: Twitter users broke 15 mins. before the mainstream
  11. 11. Twitter for Self Promotion • Most celebrities employ PR staff to manage Twitter accounts  number of followers = a higher level of influencer status, social capital, i.e. power. • Actor Ashton Kutcher became the 1st celebrity to break 1 million followers in 2009 (now has 15+ million followers
  12. 12. The Evolution of Twitter • Now Kutcher suggests: “When I first got on, it felt like the democratization of media. Now it just feels like media…The bigger vision for Twitter when Jack [Dorsey] created it was to empower communication to happen as things were taking place…Now it's just a bunch of companies and people constantly pitching.” Take Away & Think: Where is the line for companies to use Twitter & Instagram alongside personal users? How do you use personal social media platforms and not “annoy” and loose potential customers? Source: