Affidavit on e meyers op direct crime wsfs banking


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Criminal charges Patricia R bush with each police report by J Honaker and by myself, SUsan (Cameron Honaker) she is embezzling over 1,500 weekly illegal toxins shots, and lab corp embezzling on foot, by checks and illegal use of attorneys, with Bush from 1990 embezzling on forged opened accounts after paid for J Honaker, she calls him giving him toxins, shots, lab corp tests using his ID, with G bush, Laura Bush, and to steal my mortgage while attempting to move, immediately at settlement, by forgery planned canceling home building contract and making calls as J Honaker. Herein, with each report she transferred the mortgage using J Honaker, to be temporary, with police reports, she opened 6,000 as AIG, with Jonathan Bush, and opened HSBC CAPITAL for KATRINA, properties purchasing as J Hoanker and changed the mortgage name while embezzlign and forging with the Prop TAX deed, under J Honaker, citi mortgage unsigned, attaching initials and calls while putting him in the hospital with Taylor Bush Billing on foot stealing medicare and fed Tricare, and calls to injure my son and on video with the affidavits and myself that we have diabetes, are inactive and while in NJ, and during a Bombing by W HT Bush, with Wife Patricai R BUsh, not home, she called ELENA MEYERS, in crime with her and Bush giving the money on the forgery embezzled under John Honaker to hillary and stealing JOhn honakers ER emergency money from his office w G Bush IV, operating all judges arrests and illegal on foot forgery.

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Affidavit on e meyers op direct crime wsfs banking

  1. 1. 1Susan Cameron HonakerJohn A Honaker, QMCM (SS), Ret.Family4693 KentonDover DE 19904Attorneys General, courts, and affidavits priorInformation BureausHerein, Elena Meyers, psychotic, ‘satanic’ and near retarded, acting illegallyas ‘social services,’ as Meyers LLP for organized crime, terrorism, as MeyersUHS/BHS with Genovese crime family, Frank Genovese; with and as MeyersLLP for Bill Clinton Organized crime and over 50 Meyers associates, MeyersLLP per state, with HSBC, Citi Corp, American General banking terrorism,trafficking.Frank Genovese, and operating banking, WSFS, HSBC, Bancorp, with over70 Genovese attorney firms, with McTaggart, Danberg, J Biden, Biden II, andall states, with Bill Clinton, Robert Bush, George Bush and family members,over 50 each, direct to college Lab Corp directly, hospital, Veterans Hospitals,agencies, military, social services, illegal use of agency, and businesses withHSBC for crime, herein operating with Elena Meyers, Meyers family members,George Bush, John Honakers, over 18 loan companies, prior to marriage1989, ten years of crimes, emergencies for John, his military, Vietnam,Veterans Hospital and other hospitals, NONABSORPTION VITAMIN B WITHNO MEMORY OF PLANS, NO ABILITY TO MAKE PLANS, FOLLOWTHROUGH WITH ANY TWO WEEKS OF PLANS, AND THREATS TOCARRY OUT VIOLENT CRIMES WITH BILL CLINTON, GEORGE BUSH,GENOVESE, MEYERS OPERATING COLLECTIONS BY 2000, ANDTHREATS TO CARRY OUT VIOLENT CRIMES, FRAUD, TERRORISM WITHDOROTHY APRINO DOCUMENTED DAILY AND TO CARRY OUT THEFTOF SUSANS WORK, TAKING OVER ¾ JOHNS INCOME, AND ONBANKING WITH ELENA MEYERS TIMING HIS EMERGENCIES, THREATSAND SLANDER OVER 50 COUNTS DAILY TO 2011 WITH BILL CLINTON,GEROGE BUSH, FRANK GENOVESE, CRIME FAMILY MEMBERS, TO HEROWN ‘DISMISSAL’ AND ARRESTS OF A JUDGE IN PA, IMPERSONATINGPOLICE TO PRESENT, WITH POLICE AFFIDAVITS AND ARRESTINGPOLICE.Bill Clinton, organized crime, banking crime, threats to 2011 with Meyers LLPfor billing with Elena Meyers and operating billions in terrorism money,trafficking to HSBC, banking and embezzlement, mortgage fraud, illegal use
  2. 2. 2of FBI, agencies in trafficking and crime, medical and weapons, disasterfrauds with Midland, John Honakers records and his mortgage, prior to 1989to 2000 and threats, violent crimes, frauds, slander to present, 2011 usingJohn Honakers medical condition and threats to carry out all crime, slander(Elena Meyers, psychotic, ‘satanic’ and as ‘social services,’ federal felonies onJohn A Honaker and threats to Susan Cameron Honaker from 2000 to 2011daily, and both in person in 2006 to 2011 falsifying with Bill Clinton, RobertBush, Frank Genovese, over 50 counts slander daily added to her federalfelony threats and to carry out slander alone for frauds and violent organizedcrime; violent crimes, to 2011, psychotic operating child murders, trafficking as‘social services’ state to state with Meyers associates and Frank Genovese,Bill Clinton, collections for crime and loans, mortgage fraud, her threats dailyusing Health Federal as Meyers LLP, (Liggitt, and other Meyers attorneys)and Genovese over 70 attorneys for crime (already arrested with Meyers inNY, TX, CA, with DA’s, attorneys general) acting with over 50 Meyers inHSBC, financial, as social services, as “Veterans Affairs,” University Labs withRobert Bush, from HSBC, to labs, hospitals, 50,000 annually for her threats toHealth Federal and injury to Susan, and federal felonies on John A Honaker,threatened to be carried out with HSBC, Meyers LLP, Frank Genovese, BillClinton, R Bush, George Bush.Psychotic Elena Meyers, operating murders, medical frauds, timing thousandsin loans, with Frank Genovese, and threats acting as “social Services”“satanic” (and every other illogical ideology and religions used for )murders,child trafficking with her and over 50 Genovese crime family members, andover 70 Genovese crime family attorney firms, premeditates, 10 years prior tothreats in person, 9-11, to carry out frauds, threats, theft, violent crimes,already in collections, with Frank Genovese, HSBC, over 18 loan companies,and John Honakers Navy, Pentagon, Vietnam, National Security records,herein operating his NONABSORPTION VIATIM B, ELENA MEYERSPREMEDITATED CRIMES ON SON, SUSAN AND JOHN A HONAKER,THREATS TO 2011, AND SLANDER THREATENED TO BE CARRIED OUTBY DOROTHY ARPINO, TIMING JOHNS EMEGENCIES, AND BLOCKINGJOHN FOR HIS PHONE CALL TO HEALTH FEDERAL FOR INCREASEDMEMORY LOSS, WITH DR. HILL, LAB CORP TESTING, OPERATED BYFRANK GENOVESE, AND ATTORNEYS, WITH ELENA MEYERS, ASMEYERS LLP, ALL STATES, IN CRIME, INDUCES EMERGENCIES, WITHELENA MEYERS TIMING THREATS BY FEDERAL FELONIES ON SUSANDAILY AND JOHN BOTH, TIMED WITH ‘CREDIT CHECKS’ AND INDUCEDEMERGENCIES TO 2011, WITH MORE LOANS, OVER ¾ HIS PAY TAKEN,MORTGAGE FRAUDS, ELENA MEYERS TIMES IN FINANCIAL, AND WITHROBERT BUSH, GEORGE BUSH, BILL CLINTON, HILLARY CLINTON,
  3. 3. 3COMBINED BANKING ORGANIZED CRIME, TERRORISM, DRUGS, WITHGENOVESE DRUG STORES, MEDICAL FRAUDS, ALL LABS, BUSINESSFRAUDS, AGENCIES IN TRAFFICKING SENTENCED AND BANKED BYHSBC, BANCORP, AMERICAN GENERAL, CITI CORP, TAKING ALL OFJOHNS INCOME, AND FEDERAL FELONIES OF OPERATING HISMEDICAL CONDITION FOR VIOLENT CRIME, TAKING ALSO ‘CAP’ WITHTHOUSANDS IN LOANS, THREATENED TO BE CARRIED OUT FINANCIALLYNCHING, SLANDER, FRAUDS AND THREATS DAILY TO 2011, WITHELENA MEYERS OPERATING ALL CRIMES AS HSBC, AS SOCIALSERVICES WITH OVER 50 GENOVESE AS SOCIAL SERVICES, ANDACTGING AS ‘SATANIC’ PSYCHIATRY, ALL STATES IN CHILD, ELDERLY ,TEEN MURDERS AND TRAFFICKING.Elena Meyers, over 50 Meyers, associates, as Meyers LLP, with Genovese ,Frank Genovese, operating lab corp, college labs, with Robert Bush, WSFS,NONABSORPTION VITAMIN B, INDUCED ILLNESSES, EMERGENCIES,MEMORY LOSS, AND FROM 1996 INCREASED TO 2011 TIMED, ANDTHREATS TO 2011, IN PERSON IN 2000, ELENA MEYERS OPERATINGCRIME, ROBERT BUSH, F GENOVDESE AT AND WITH MEYERS INFINANCIAL, BANKING, HSBC, to all labs, military, businesses, medicalfacilities, with Elena Meyers, Genovese, operating Johns nonabsorptionvitamin B, other crimes as ‘research’ with federal witnesses and beforecongress to present, while Elena Meyers carried out the crimes and threats in2000, to slander, steal Susan’s patented cash flow book, already in the samecrimes, and (over 70 years with Meyers associates, all agencies, schools, withGenovese, Bush Sr., Bush family in crime, internationally, and threats byArpino for that and over their crimes, ‘intellectual’ work, over their chemicalcompanies, and crimes from 1930’s to 1980’s with Ewan Cameron in DE,University Of Delaware with Bushes); to carry out violent crimes, to 2011, ondocuments, Elena Meyers, operating as Meyers LLp in threats daily, slanderwith Genovese, and collections for John Honakers emergencies, while shebilled over 50,000 a year for her threats to Susan and son, federal felonies atNemours, to her threats acting as ‘social services’ to susan and John Honakerand slander to present, injury, and theft of susans work, with banking crimes,all at work with John Honaker, over ¾ his pay, and thousands overdraft fees,Elena Meyers, times her crimes, taking his whole Navy retirement, and therest to 2011 in cash advances, WITH ‘credit checks’ by Frank Genovese,Meyers, timed with emergencies, vomiting up blood, falling over backwards,with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, acting direct as bank management,surveillance, to lab direction, to hospitals, businesses with HSBC, and atWSFS with Meyers family members.
  4. 4. 4BELOW, 1996 WITH HOSPTAL VISIT AGAIN EACH NINE MONTHSOPERATING JOHNS MILITARY, SECURITY RECORDS, LOANS,BUSINESSES, EMPLOYERS, WSFS, SAME HEREIN, WITH MORE LOANSAT WORK, SERVICE DISRUPTIONS, OVERLAPPING AND INCREASEDMEMORY LOSS, AND TESTING BY LAB CORP, OVER 10 PRIOR TO 2000,AND AGAIN BY 2004 MARCH, WITH DR HILL, LAB CORP, UNDERHEALTH FEDERAL, ELENA MEYERS IN COLLECTIONS WITH OVER 18LOAN COMPANIES ‘AQUIRED’ AT WORK BY 2000, HSBC, CLINTONMORTGAGE COMBINED, MORTGAGE, ALL IN JOHN HONAKERS NAMEWITH NOTHING FOR THEM AND NO MEMORY OF HOW HE GOT THEM;PAID OFF AND MEDICAL COLLECTIONS BY GENOVESE, JOBLOVE,ATTORNEYS WITH ELENA MEYERS IN CRIME, CLINTON, HSBC, BANKAMERICA PRIOR. THREATS TO 2011, WITH INDUCED EMERGENCIES."EPISODIC MEMORY LOSS" induced by RF, GPS, radiological weapons,direct radio frequency over 50,000 illnesses induced, and with Meyers out oflabs over 70 years increasing fictitious illnesses, (Again, 2011, and each fouryears, after banking their crime, before congress and federal witness tocrimes on us, while they continues banking, mortgage frauds, threats, loanfrauds, theft, slander, all federal felonies) and on children as research andchemically induced, NSAIDS, by "Preferred medicines" used with Genovesedrug stores, Bush family members operating as directors of drugs, and asdoctors as well, with Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, other family members,Clintons, banking HSBC, Citi Corp, American General all frauds,embezzlement, trafficking, from DEA, DOD, weapons, and medical billingfrauds to mass induced illnesses, federal healthcare frauds, murders, and inthis case, threats billed by Elena Meyers, as Meyers LLP for HSBC, for herthreats to Susan and son, and John Honaker, with Genovese, Robert Bushcrimes, daily by her own slander, extortion from 2000, using Arpino for threatsto carry out the crimes already in collections for the same in 2000; to 2011 byElena Meyers, operating in collections for Johns loans prior to 2000, withGenovese attorneys and Meyers LLP attorneys, operating out of UniversityDelaware labs, to hospital and prior, and at Nemours children’s research,tainted vaccines, she later erases in 2006, acting as ‘social services’threatening susan to 2011, by federal felonies by her, threats in person afterher crimes in 2006, threats to Bay health, threats to John Honaker, andslander 10 years prior to 2000 in crimes and collections as Meyers LLP,Genovese, Joblove, Patista, violent crimes to 2011 and therats to carry outthe crimes with Dorothy Arpino, Genovese criminal, threats over Genovese,Meyers operating in crimes, child crimes, chemicals, psychiatry and labs withEwan Cameron, and to carry out theft, theft of Susans work, frauds, violentcrime and slander, and crimes on John Honaker, Elena Meyers making phone
  5. 5. 5calls on John, firing by ‘FBI’ at other employmehnt, buyouts of his businesses,to acting as Meyers LLP for his loans, acting as Meyers UHS/BHS, and onkids, murders, and elderly all states, DE to NY, FL, TX, MO (on RuthChapman, Air Force, friend 1996 to 2000 given strokes, under Meyers LLP,and “Veterans Affairs,” HSBC, strokes and serious memory loss, whileworking to 2011) and with Meyers financial operating “federal pay,” at thebank with her, and “Veterans Affairs,” illegally for crimes with HSBC, Citi, andcontinues daily criminal threats and falsified material including on JohnHonaker, with Bill Clinton, Robert Bush, Genovese crime family members.Cortical thickness in single- versus multiple-domain amnestic mild SWSeo - 2007 - Cited by 30 - Related articlesMany studies have also suggested that episodic memory loss is a robustindicator of an .... vitamin B12/folate, syphilis serology, and thyroid functiontests. ..... Genovese et al., 2002 C.R. Genovese, N.A. Lazar and T. Nichols, of Memory Problems Edinburg TX - Edinburg TX, memory...Information about the causes and risk factors for memory loss associatedwith aging, disease, ... Robert Joseph Genovese (956) 631-7100 5215 SMccoll Rd Edinburg, TX ... Malnutrition (e.g., lack of thiamin [vitamin B-1] orvitamin B-12) thinning related to periventricular and deep white matter ...Patientswith AD initially present with memory loss related to encoding deficits, anomia,.... blood chemistry test, vitamin B12/foliate measure, syphilis serology, .....using the false discovery rate (FDR) theory (Genovese et al., Hormone From A Health Store - Find great deals on ...Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid) • Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) ...... Elizabeth Genovese, M.D.,FACOEM, FAADEP"A welcome reference for my patients and othersinterested in ... experience hot flashes, suffer memory loss, become short-tempered, notice Genovese drug operartions w BFI DEA FBI drug agents ...Mar 26,2010 ... Genovese w DEA, owning loan companies, and public notices, ...Vitamin B Lack of causes memory loss in only months and Azheimers David Genovese profiles | LinkedIn
  6. 6. 6Title: Owner, Rods N Mods Corp; Demographic info: Greater PhiladelphiaArea | ... Dave Genovese. Title: Test Director at MIT Lincoln Lab;Demographic info - Cached - Similar2. [PDF]Record of Courtroom Testimony - LabCorpFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewRoche Biomedical Laboratories, Inc./LABCORP. Forensic Identity Laboratory...... Genovese. St. Charles Co. 15-Nov-99. F98-1959. Texas vs.DQ,PM,D1S80,THO1 David C Genovese Sr - Franklinville, New Jersey (NJ) | Company ProfileDavid C Genovese Sr company profile in Franklinville, NJ. Our free companyprofile report ... Lab Corp. Medicines-Patent and Proprietary in Mays Landing,NJ South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA)DELAWARE CHICKEN FARM & SEAFOOD MARKET DELAWARE NORTHCOMPANIES TRAVEL HOSPITALITY SERVICES .... GENOVESE JOBLOVE& BATTISTA GEORGE, HARTZ, LUNDEEN & FULMER .... LAB CORP.LACRETE FOOD INTERNATIONAL, INC. LADD BROWN AGENCY Referense to Genovese labs swine fluMar 6, 2011 ... DE, to NY, Genovese and Meyers with Bushes from 1920s’ THEFT AND THREATSTempa Legal Jobs - Litigation Attorney Jobs, Intellectual Property ...Apr 3, 2008 ... Tampa Legal Jobs Listing - Litigation Attorney Jobs, IntellectualProperty ... L.C. • Fann & Petruccelli, P.A. • Fann, Petruccelli & Genovese,P.A. • Farrell & Gasparo, P.A. ..... Steven H. Shulman, P.A.; Stiles, Taylor &Grace, P.A. .... Delaware - Other, Delaware - Wilmington, District of
  7. 7. 71. New Castle County Financial Planning - New Castle County, DE ...(302) 221-6785. Genovese Frank. 12 Penns Way New Castle, DE (302) 295-3096 ..... Wsfs Bank. 500 Delaware Ave, #3. Wilmington, DE (302) Multiple Federal Felonies with lab corp health federal for ...Mar 30, 2011 ... BUSHES IN WILMINGTON DELAWARE WITH MEYERSFAMILY MEMBERS IN 2003 DURING HIS ... herself from HSBC, AmericanGeneral, federal pay, an dat WSFS, checking his ... Genovese and Meyersfederal felonies and through Cheswold - Cached
  8. 8. Record of Courtroom Testimony - LabCorp 8File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewRoche Biomedical Laboratories, Inc./LABCORP. Forensic Identity Laboratory ...... Genovese. St.Charles Co. 15-Nov-99. F98-1959. Texas vs. DQ,PM,D1S80,THO1
  9. 9. 9INTELLECTUAL’ THEFT AND THREATSTempa Legal Jobs - Litigation Attorney Jobs, Intellectual Property ...Apr 3, 2008 ... Tampa Legal Jobs Listing - Litigation Attorney Jobs, IntellectualProperty ... L.C. · Fann & Petruccelli, P.A. · Fann, Petruccelli & Genovese, P.A. · Farrell& Gasparo, P.A. ..... Steven H. Shulman, P.A.; Stiles, Taylor & Grace, P.A. ....Delaware - Other, Delaware - Wilmington, District of Columbia 1. New Castle County Financial Planning - New Castle County, DE ...(302) 221-6785. Genovese Frank. 12 Penns Way New Castle, DE (302) 295-3096 .....Wsfs Bank. 500 Delaware Ave, #3. Wilmington, DE (302) 792-6000 - Cached 2. Multiple Federal Felonies with lab corp health federal for ...Mar 30, 2011 ... BUSHES IN WILMINGTON DELAWARE WITH MEYERS FAMILYMEMBERS IN 2003 DURING HIS ... herself from HSBC, American General, federalpay, an dat WSFS, checking his ... Genovese and Meyers federal felonies and throughCheswold - Cached