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Affdiavit sign federal witness


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Fedearl witness to crimes and in NY, Meyers LLP, Elena Meyers here, Genvoese as judges in NY, threaten to lock her up; on tape, they arrest DE state police, and lock Susan up in 2008 continued, loan frauds, 7,000 overdraft fees with John Honkaer at work, CAP Payday loans, in addition, credit checks and american General loans over 7,000 more, with his extreme memory loss, and another emergency, Federal felonies from 2000, Frank Genoese, G BUsh, Elena Meyers threatens to carry out, and other witnesses from 2000, 2006, 2007, 2008 and witness tamperin, firing all witnesses including at nemours hospital, and all places where they carry out the crimes. DE State police affidavits still exist, and are valid, as well as all organized crime and federal felonies herein.

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