Networking is not working


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Networking is NOT working,Networking is about making lasting connections to sustain a lifelong thriving relationship into the future. It is about constant giving and paying it forward and it comes back in the most amazing way...serendipity when you least expect it.

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  • Stop collecting business cards and start making meaningful relationships learn how to network for life for thriving endless relationships
    You can be a busy fool be selective where you go and surround yourself with the right people.
    You win by giving
    Mention Jeff Walker –seaweed Secretary – little boots – Chris Brogan Benedictus and John O Donoghue Masters interview
    Francis –Hotel Business. St Patricks day cards and baby lambs as marketing
  • You would do well to breathe deeper. In general. Take deeper breaths. In fact,” said the Universe, “did you know that learning how to master slow, deep, controlled breaths is one way to master anxiety, fear, frustration, and many more feelings and emotions?” 

I assured the Universe that you knew that.
    The Universe said, “But every day?”
    Okay. You got me there, Universe. 

  • Like fish in a barrel everyone is trying to score
  • Maggie Percy and Nigel
  • Good Things happen when you give
  • Great connections are a win win all the way
    Becky Cashman smart people big hearts area win win
  • Talk again about Orla Barry and ISCP and annual congrats
    Networking will feed you today.
    But connecting and playing the longer game is what I think makes for some amazing and sustainable opportunities that stretch deeper than business, but that keep your business alive, if you do it with your heart and your brain in the right place.
  • Networking is not working

    1. 1. Networking is NOT Working @productlaunchme #physionet
    2. 2. Lets Get Physical
    3. 3. Networking Events
    4. 4. Connect on your similarities and Benefit from your differences
    5. 5. Great Connections
    6. 6. Networking and connecting are two different universes.
    7. 7. • •
    8. 8. Ten Commandments of Networking! • 1) Thou shalt drop the "what is in it for me?" attitude. • 2) Thou shalt listen. • 3) Thou shalt build a relationship. • 4) Thou shalt give the first referral. • 5) Thou shalt not tell others of the referral you require; thou shalt "show them" with a story. • 6) Thou shalt be specific of the type of referral. • 7) Thou shalt reciprocate when appropriate. • 8) Thou shalt participate in the network executive, functions, and network time. • 9) Thou shalt thank the person who gave a referral. • 10) Thou shalt follow up on the referral within 24 hours.