Focus Group Procedures 2010


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Focus Group Procedures 2010

  1. 1. Louisiana Community AIDS Partnership Social Marketing Collaborative Focus Group January 2010 Purpose The purpose of the Focus Group is to get an idea of the type of woman/man and messages your target audience relates within the realm of HIV/AIDS social marketing campaign materials. The target audience/consumer input is critical for the success of your social marketing campaign. All information collected is strictly confidential and will be used by your committee to plan your social marketing campaign. A Few Notes Before You Begin • Each focus group should last no longer than 45 minutes to one hour. • Each focus group should have 8-12 participants. • Each focus group should have a moderator and note taker. • The moderator and note taker are NOT to give his/her opinions. • It is GOOD to have conversation amongst the participants. • All information is CONFIDENTIAL, no names are needed. • Participants should be given hard copies of the PowerPoint presentation slides so that they can record their comments next to each image (some people are not comfortable telling their true feelings in front of a group and may write them down instead). • Please tell participants that you will collect all hard copies at the end of the Focus Group (so they should not put their names on the materials). 1
  2. 2. The focus group activities may include images divided into three sections: (1) General images. (2) Commercial marketing images. (3) HIV/AIDS social marketing print ads/posters. • Participants will discuss their initial reactions to each campaign’s message, artwork and the relevance of the ad within their own communities. • Participants will be asked to share with the group and record on individual handouts (to be collected at the end) any and all adjectives and/or phrases (depressed, happy, hopeful or joyful) that come to their mind when they see each image on the screen. • The comments will be collected at the end by the facilitator. • The note taker will record the conversation of the group. • The facilitator will guide the group (spending thirty-seconds to one- minute on each image). • The facilitator should ask probing open ended questions: Do you relate to this picture? Does this person look like your neighbor, sister, friend, wife, husband, child, etc.? Would you read a poster if this image was on it? Do you relate to the message, tone, colors of this image? • Participants are asked to share with the group their feelings toward the different images of women / men. Send all focus group notes and completed participant handouts to: Susan Bergson 504-301-9836 Louisiana Public Health Institute: Louisiana Community AIDS Partnership 1515 Poydras, Suite 1200 New Orleans, LA 70112 2