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Here are several examples of different types of layout designs that I have done, but is not limited to my additional abilities.

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Sample pieces

  1. 1. A variety of sample logosThese are a variety of logo examples I have done over the last couple years. Thedesigns were done using a blend of Photoshop and Illustrator tools. They representcustomized projects from clients, a logo redesign, resort logo and my personal logo.
  2. 2. Inside Brochure Information Outside Brochure InformationThis is just one of the brochures I have designed. It was done with a combination ofIllustrator and Photoshop tools. It is a mailer style brochure that was designed for aresort of my creation. All images and fonts were chosen to give this brochure a feelof Italy.
  3. 3. My Personalized Stationary Guitar Stationary This stationary was designed for my own This stationary was designed for a musician friend ofpersonalized logo package. It consists of a selection mine. It was also created in Photoshop by blending of images blended together in Photoshop using a different guitar image, a piano key image, and a different blending modes and layer styles. I also flame texture faded into the background. I left theenlarged my logo and faded it into the center for an poem that was written on this example to show added touch. how well it unifies with the background.
  4. 4. As part of a past project, I was asked to take a brand and create some visual ad concepts. These are a couple of examples I did using ‘NIKE’ as my chosen brand. All these designs were created in Photoshop using a variety oftools, blending modes and artistic layer effects.
  5. 5. For another project, I was asked to take a popular product and create some synergy ads. These are a couple of examples I did using ‘PEPSI’. The base of these designs were created in Photoshop by blending selected images together using layer blending modes. Then I insertedthe proper text style and placed it fittingly within the image.
  6. 6. These are full front to back book cover designs. Both covers were created entirely in Photoshop using avariety of tools. Images and fonts were creatively selected to represent each story; while the idea for theseseries covers comes from horror writer Richard Matheson. Backgrounds were built by using blend modesto fuse images together. Other tools that were used were eraser tool, lens flare effect and effects from thestyles window. The black silhouette was created using the paths technique in which I outlined the womanusing the pen tool and filled the selection with black. I then blended it into the book cover background. Forthe ‘Angels Eyes’ cover I also brought in some paint brush effects from Illustrator. I used the pre-createdstyles window to bring them out in the design. Both covers are meant to be similar in design yet uniqueenough to represent their own individual story.
  7. 7. The ‘Men of Horror’ logo was created using a the rectangle tool in Illustrator with an added paint brush pattern. It was then brought into Photoshop as a smart object. The drip style font and rectangle were warped slightly and grouped together. The small font was also incorporated into it for definition.For these book covers I was only required to design the front cover and the spine. These covers were createdusing Adobe Illustrator. Since this is a book series of horror writers, the design were meant to be similar in nature.The font, logo, author signature and photo were blended into the background. A drop shadow effect was addedto each photo to make it stand out. For each author a specifically selected photo was chose from one of theirpast books and faintly faded into the background by lowering the opacity. Under each authors photo I also addeda quote that each man had given in past interviews. Along side each author is a faint description of who theauthor is and their writing style. Each book cover was meant to be similar in design but represent each authordistinctively.
  8. 8. This poster was created in Photoshop by beginning with a series of images andblending modes to create the background. The Borders around each picture and theposter frame were created in Illustrator using different paint brush styles. They werethen brought in Photoshop as smart objects. The fonts were distorted and shaped togive affect and add character to the poster.
  9. 9. This poster was designed in Photoshop, beginning with the background created byblending a photo with a textured background. I used a arrangement of different images Ifelt best represented the Italian feel. I used a variety of blending modes and fonttransformation to give it a pleasing appearance. The poster frame and splash designbehind the bottles were brush designs brought in from Illustrator and merged with thedesign using blend modes.
  10. 10. This is a personalized greeting card I designed specifically for a close friend’s birthday. Since we have similarstyle, I knew I could get away with created the dark green theme that he would enjoy. Since he is a musician, Iused images and photos that best represented him. This card was completely created using Photoshop tools.Each background was built up by using a variety of images and photos. I used blending modes that accuratelyunified images and created different textures. I carefully chose the fonts, warp their appearance and then addeddifferent text styles.
  11. 11. This is a simple postcard made using both Photoshop and Illustrator programs. For the front of thepostcard I used Photoshop blending modes to combine 3 images for the background. I added the “theRave Eagles Club” image to represent where the show had taken place and using a carefully chosen font Iadded the name of the musician and the date the show took place. I slightly warped the “Sully Erna” togive the name more character. The frame was made by using the Illustrator paint brush tools. The back ofthe postcard was laid out in Illustrator and the images brought in and placed as necessary. The post officestamp was designed using Illustrator ellipse tool, the pencil tool, a specifically chosen paint brush style andfont.
  12. 12. To begin my brand I designed a simple using Adobe Illustrator and thebackground in Photoshop. I wanted to the logo to be simple yet stylish. I thenincorporated this logo into all my advertisements and promotional pieces. Eachpiece was designed in Photoshop using a variety of techniques. I used differentblending modes, the eraser tool and transformed images by skew andperspective. Splash and paint effects were made by using different paint brushstyles from Illustrator and bringing them into Photoshop as smart objects. Then Iblended them as needed with the rest of the designs.
  13. 13. Tori Amos @ Riverside Theatre This poster series was created using Photoshop. For each poster I brought in a variety of images combined them using blending modes and used the eraser tool for more precise merging. For each poster I used carefully selected fonts. I changed the font colors and orientation as necessary for more impact.