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Past Simple Continuous


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Learn grammar by having fun!!

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Past Simple Continuous

  2. 2. Affirmative Subject Verb Regular Irregular -ed 2nd column FORMS Subject was/were Verb-ing Bart paint ed the wall. Bart wrote on the wall. Bart was painting the wall when Homer arrived. + + + Past Simple Past Continuous
  3. 3. Negative FORMS Subject verb (normal) + Past Simple didn’t + Maggie didn’t go to the park yesterday. Subject wasn’t/weren’t Verb-ing Maggie wasn’t eating when Homer phoned . + + Past Continuous
  4. 4. Question FORMS Did verb (normal)? + Past Simple subject + Did Bart take his trousers down? Was/were subject Verb-ing? Was Bar taking his trousers down when the teacher arrived? + + Past Continuous
  5. 5. USES A completed action in the past A sequence of past actions Homer ate the whole cake yesterday. When Homer arrived home, he ate the whole cake and later he went to bed. Past Simple
  6. 6. USES Incomplete action in progress in the past An incomplete action interrupted by another action Last night at 8 Lisa and Bart were arguing . Lisa was studying Maths Past Continuous Two incomplete actions taking place at the same time in the past Bart was skating Bart arrived home. when while Lisa was tidying her bedroom.
  7. 7. It’s your turn… Past Simple or Continuous? I_____(write) letters all day yesterday A cigarette……(cause) the fire last week. My mother……….(ask) me a lot of questions yesterday. Their marriage……(end) in divorce. What………you……..(do) when I phoned you yesterday? You…….. (talk) on the phone for hours and hours. was writing caused asked ended were you doing were talking
  8. 8. TIME EXPRESSIONS Past Simple YESTERDAY , I didn’t go to school… LAST WEEK , we didn’t have lunch together… TWO DAYS AGO , Maggie was ill… IN 2007 , Bart failed all the subjects… IN THE 20th CENTURY , that didn’t happen…
  9. 9. TIME EXPRESSIONS Past Continuous Grandad was sleeping yesterday AT 8 o’clock … I was trying to fly WHEN it began to rain… AS I was working, the police arrived… WHILE Bart was playing, someone stole his money… Moe was working WHILE Homer was skating…