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Product comparisons


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How Q compares to other software packages

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Product comparisons

  1. 1. Product comparisons Get a free trial at Q Professional IBM SPSS Statistics IBM SPSS Survey Reporter WinCross MarketSight Standard analyses & data manipulation Support of standard data formats (.sav, .sss, .mdd, .csv) Separate module Understands grids, rankings and all standard data types Crosstabs with multiple questions (banners) Separate module Automatic creation of tables for checking and cleaning Automatic deleting of insignificant tables Easy-to-use drag & drop interface for standard data manipulations Recoding & creation of new variables Advanced variable creation, recoding & data manipulation tools Ability to do all standard things without any scripting Advanced automation via scripting Online library of useful automation scripts Tools for tracking studies (overlaying multiple data sources, moving averages, automatic updating of data) Coding of open-ended data Separate module Additional fees Comprehensive online training modules Choice of automatic statistical tests on tables (e.g., nonparametric, treatment of weights) Create weights/sampling balancing (rim weighting) Separate module Valid statistical tests for weighted data Separate module Reporting Automatically update an entire report by changing filters or updating data (including weights, charts and constructed variables) Special-purpose market research charts (e.g., to show grid data, tracking) Exporting to Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) with charts containing underlying data Automatic updating of data in presentations Online reporting/Dashboards Advanced analysis Principal components analysis/Factor analysis Regression (linear, ordered, logit, MNL, etc.) Driver analysis (Shapley, Kruskal, Contribution) Cluster analysis Perceptual mapping Separate module Decision trees Separate module Latent class analysis TURF