How to Convert XAVC to Apple ProRes 422 MOV?


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XAVC to Apple ProRes 422 Converter can convert XAVC to Apple ProRes 422 mov for FCP with ease

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How to Convert XAVC to Apple ProRes 422 MOV?

  1. 1. XAVC to Apple ProRes–Convert Sony XAVC to Apple ProRes for FCP The new Sony F55 was one of the most anticipated cameras in a long time, because telling from the specs, it ticks almost all the boxes. It seems like a camera which tries to please everyone: 4K, 2K and 1080p raw and compressed, without crop factors, high speed recording of up to 240 fps in 2K, SLog2 curve with a huge latitude. Sony PMW-F55 is large-single-sensor cine cameras. Each cameras record XAVC having a colour depth of 10-bits and four:two:two chroma subsampling. Final Cut Pro X/7/6 can’t support XAVC video well, because XAVC video codec is not good for editing in FCP on Mac, you may encounter XAVC to FCP importing problems, or you can’t edit XAVC smoothly in FCP X/7/6 on Mac. FCP best supported video codec is Apple ProRes codec, like Apple ProRes 422, so the best choice to import XAVC to FCP is to convert XAVC to Apple ProRes codec, and then you can import XAVC video files to Final Cut Pro X/7/6 without rendering, and then you can edit smoothly.
  2. 2. The XAVC footage is a peripheral non-standard format which is not supported by FCP 6/7/X. XAVC to Prores Converter allows you to convert XAVC video files from Sony PMW F55 and F5 camcorder to Apple Prores 422(HD)(.mov), Apple Prores 422(LT)(.mov), Apple Prores 422(Proxy)(.mov), Apple Prores 422 (.mov), Apple Prores 4444 (.mov) etc to Final Cut Pro x, 6, 7 for editing. 25.2 MB $35 Get Windows Version Now please free download XAVC to ProRes Converter, install and run it, you will see the main interface. Import XAVC video to this Apple ProRes converter, and then choose output format for importing to Final Cut Pro X/7/6, click
  3. 3. and choose Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) You can click settings button to adjust the output parameters before you convert XAVC to Apple ProRes, adjust the resolution and bitrate as you need. Click convert button to start XAVC to ProRes conversion, this XAVC ProRes converter will convert video footages at a fast speed, when the conversion finished, you can import the converted XAVC footages to FCP X/7/6 for editing. Please
  4. 4. take a try, hope this XAVC to ProRes converter can help you.