How to Burn iMovie Video to DVD?


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Burn iMovie Video to DVD-This article is about how to burn video from iMovie to DVD.

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How to Burn iMovie Video to DVD?

  1. 1. Easy Way to Burn iMovie Video to DVD without iDVDWould you like burn video from iMovie to DVD? Will you useiDVD? If not, what will you do? This article will show you howto burn imovie video to dvd without iDVD.First, Export Video from iMovie as QuickTime formats.1:Choose File > Share > Export using QuickTime formats.2:Choose "Movie to QuickTime Movie" from the Export dropdown menu, if necessary. Choose an appropriate format fromthe Formats menu.3:Type a name for your movie file and select a destination tosave files.4:Click "Save" to export iMovie project to video file.Second, Burn iMovie Movie to DVD
  2. 2. After exporting iMovie project to movie format file, you canimport the iMovie exported movie to iMovie to DVD Maker forMac burning to DVD disc.Step 1: Import your iMovie exported movies to this Mac DVDburning program by clicking "Add File".Note: If you didnt need much editing on iMovie, you can justdirectly import the original video file without editing in iMovie,because this DVD Burner also offers editing functions: trimvideos by clicking trim icon. So you can keep the high quality in720p or 1080p which iMovie can never arrive.Step 2: Choose DVD-5 (4.7G) or DVD-9 (8.5G) as the outputaccording to your DVD disc specs.
  3. 3. Note: If you want to burn a perfect-looking DVD disc, you cancustomize DVD menu template as you like:1. Choose a stylish pre-set DVD template from the right list:Cartoon Series, Life Series and Nature Series.2. You can also customize your own DVD menu with the"Advanced" editing interface. Here you are allowed to edit theDVD menu background picture/music, title, button style andframe. For more detailed editing functions, you can go to here.Step 3: Begin to burn iMovie porject to DVD.Press the "BURN" button to set DVD burning settings and burniMovie to DVD or ISO files.If you choose DVD, please insert a bland new DVD disc to Mac,and click "Apply" button to start creating your DVD. Now, youcan just wait until the burning program finishes, and then enjoyyour DVD on the go.If you select ISO option, the imported video files will be burn toISO file and save in your Hard Drive on Mac.DVD Aspect Ratio: Select an aspect ratio for the output DVDmovie: 16:9 for widescreen DVD player, and 4:3 for thestandard TV.More info: