Coaching 2012-2013


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Coaching 2012-2013

  1. 1. PreK- 6 Mathematics: Supporting Elementary TeachersSusan Muir 2012-13620-7810 School Year
  2. 2. Please look for the new calendar on the ‘Coaching Page’ ofmy BLOG. It will be posted September 2012. I will be takingbookings after September 28th. I will be meeting with andbooking dates with the 7 schools involved in multi--leveledapproach during the week of September 24-28th.
  3. 3. Levels of Support O Level 1: Supporting teachers with the outcome-based curriculum: “How do I plan and teach outcome based lessons and units?” O Level 2: Supporting teachers with understanding the mathematical content and various assessment: “What’s the math? How will I assess? Now what?” O Level 3: Supporting teachers with creating and maintaining a mathematical community in the classroom: “How do I engage and include all students in the learning of mathematics? How can I create a classroom environment that meets the needs of all learners?”Susan Muir 2012-13
  4. 4. Models of Coaching O Unit- Specific Support O Grade Level Support O On-going Classroom SupportSusan Muir 2012-13
  5. 5. Unit-Specific Support O Concentrated support for individual classrooms throughout an entire UBD unit O Daily work in classrooms includes: O Modeling a lesson while the classroom while the classroom teacher observes ( I WILL) O Co-teaching some parts of the unit ( WE WILL) O Shifting the role of primary instructor back to the classroom teacher as the unit progresses (YOU WILL) O On-going dialogue through email/ phone calls with the classroom teacher over the course of the unitSusan Muir 2012-13
  6. 6. Grade Level Support O On-going support for grade level as a whole O After-school meetings in a grade cluster level (I will make a schedule) O Work at grade level meetings includes: O doing math work related to the content of a unit O completing student activities and discussing the mathematical content O examining student work that teachers bring from their classrooms O discussing larger mathematical and pedagogical issuesSusan Muir 2012-13
  7. 7. On-Going Classroom Support O Individual support for classroom teachers during math lessons O Regular monthly meetings with classroom teachers throughout the school year during prep or lunch. O Work with teachers includes: O meeting before a lesson to identify the mathematics, plan, and set goals O Observing, co-teaching, or modeling a lesson O meeting after a lesson to give feedback and reflectSusan Muir 2012-13
  8. 8. Coaching in Practice O Pre-Conference O Lesson O Post-Conference O Please allow time for pre and post conferenceSusan Muir 2012-13
  9. 9. Planning a Session O What’s the mathematical focus ( Big Ideas)? O What are the outcomes? O How will you assess student learning? O What are the teacher supports? O What materials and preparation are needed? O What’s the session follow-up?Susan Muir 2012-13
  10. 10. Coaching Model