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QR Codes for Marketing


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QR Codes for Marketing

  1. 1. “That’s good that”QR codes and Swansea University Elen Wyn Davies and Chris Hall Information Services & Systems November 2011
  2. 2. Have you scanned a QR code before?1. Yes 33% 33% 33%2. No3. What’s a QR code? 1 2 3
  3. 3. Have you created a QR code before?1. Yes 33% 33% 33%2. No3. I wouldn’t know where to start! 1 2 3
  4. 4. What are QR (Quick response) codes?• A Quick Response code is basically a type of barcode which is readable by any camera-enabled smart phone• They are typically seen as a white square with black geometric shapes• Users point their phones at the QR code, scan it, and are then taken to the end data. This could be text, a website, a YouTube video, a podcast…
  5. 5. QR code videoSearch for “QR Codes by Common Craft”
  6. 6. How do I use them?• Firstly you need to download an app to your phone QR Droid QR Reader
  7. 7. Swansea University Library – QR codes on the catalogue
  8. 8. How to I create them?• Ask yourself this first?“Why do I want to use them and what added value does it have to what I am promoting?”
  9. 9. QR code
  10. 10. Make QR codes interesting insert pictures and logos
  11. 11. Top tips for using QR codes• Content first (what are you going to link to)• Mobile friendly content• The longer the URL the more complicated the QR code• Location, location, location• What’s the point? – is there added value for the end user?
  12. 12. QR codes for promotionHow is Swansea University library using them
  13. 13. Promoting academic research Linked to online video
  14. 14. Elen Wyn Davies – Information Chris Hall – InformationServices & Systems Services & Systems01792 513389 01792 @chris_hall