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Connectives worksheet


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Not made by me, but freely available on the OCR B Geography NING by a very good teacher and just put on here so i can link to it from

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Connectives worksheet

  1. 1. CONNECTIVES – Improving exam answersWhen adding on information or ideasWhen adding contrasting informationCompare and ContrastWhen placing information in an orderly fashion,When listing information as a result or a cause of somethingWhen adding a concluding information
  2. 2. When adding information that will serve as an example or as an illustrationWhen adding information that describes a relationship between thingsWhen explaining ideasPutting ideas in orderCause and EffectConclusion
  3. 3. Therefore Likewise nonethelessHence in a similar way at the same timeall in all similarly thoughall this evidence points to On the other hand Similarlyso In contrast Alsoin conclusion Nevertheless At the same time...finally However In addition toconsequently On the contrary In other wordsto sum up Despite Instead a result In the second place For the same reasonThus Conversely After thatall this suggests that Nevertheless Before...this resulted in Yet Just before...all this leads to by contrast Before thatIn addition all the same ThenMoreover after all FirstlyFurthermore conversely SecondlyBesides however ThirdlyIn fact still NextMeanwhile rather LastlyAnother way to... for all that despite this EventuallyWhats more but; on the other hand GraduallyAlso on the contrary Finally
  4. 4. For exampleMeanwhile Next For instanceFurthermore Yet FirstlyTo begin with Instead MeanwhileSumming up... However InitiallyAs a result Therefore FurtherAs a consequence Thus SecondlyConsequently Usually NextTherefore Whatever... AfterwardsThus Accordingly LastlyLikewise In contrast ThenMoreover Although FinallyFurthermore Besides LaterBecause ... Meanwhile most importantlyThis is why... Furthermore becauseThat is why... Generally consequentlyIn conclusion Nevertheless in order thatIn summary Namely forFinally such as thusLastly as already stated so thatAlso for example in other words for that reasonIncidentally that is as a resultLikewise for instanceMoreover