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Connectives rb11

Not made by me, but freely available on the OCR B Geography NING by a very good teacher and just put on here so i can link to it from

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Connectives rb11

  1. 1. CONNECTIVESWhen adding on information or ideasIn addition, Moreover, Furthermore, Besides In fact, Meanwhile, Another way to... Whatsmore, also; likewise ; in a similar way ; similarlyWhen adding contrasting informationOn the other hand, In contrast, Nevertheless, However, On the contrary, Despite, In thesecond place, Conversely,Compare and ContrastNevertheless; yet ; by contrast ; all the same ; after all; conversely; however; still ; rather ;for all that despite this; but; on the other hand ; on the contrary; nonetheless ; at the sametime ; though; Similarly, Also, At the same time... In addition to, In other words, Instead of...For the same reason,When placing information in an orderly fashion,After that, Before... Just before... Before that, Then, Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Next, Lastly,Eventually, Gradually, Finally; Meanwhile, Furthermore, To begin with, Summing up...When listing information as a result or a cause of somethingAs a result, As a consequence, Consequently, Therefore, Thus, Likewise, Moreover,Furthermore, Because ...This is why... That is why...When adding a concluding informationIn conclusion, In summary, Finally, Lastly,When adding information that will serve as an example or as an illustrationFor example, For instance,When adding information that describes a relationship between thingsAlso, Incidentally, Likewise, Moreover, Next, Yet, Instead, However, Therefore, Thus,Usually, Whatever... Accordingly, In contrast, Although, Besides, Meanwhile, Furthermore,Generally, Nevertheless,When Explaining ideasNamely; such as; as already stated ; for example in other words; that is; for instancePutting ideas in orderFirstly; meanwhile; initially; further; secondly; next; afterwards; lastly; then; finally; later;most importantlyCause and Effectbecause ; consequently; in order that ; for ; thus ; so that ; for that reason ; as a resultConclusionTherefore; hence; all in all ; all this evidence points to ; so; in conclusion; finally ;consequently ; to sum up ; as a result Thus; all this suggests that ; this resulted in ; all thisleads to.