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Evolution of Hydrology.

Published in: Environment, Technology
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  2. 2. • Two Greek Words: – “Hydor” means Water and – “Logos” means knowledge.
  3. 3. Some Definitions of Hydrology • The science encompassing the behavior of water as it occurs in the atmosphere, on the surface of the ground, and underground. (Am. Soc. Civil Engineers, 1949, p. 1.) • The science that relates to the water of the earth. (Meinzer, 1923, p. 9.) • The science treating of the waters of the earth, their occurrence, distribution, and movements. (Jarvis and others, 1936, p. 464.) [Source: ]
  4. 4. • The applied science concerned with the waters of the earth, their occurrences, distribution, and circulation through the unending hydrologic cycle of: precipitation, consequent runoff, infiltration, and storage; eventual evaporation; and so forth. It is concerned with the physical and chemical reaction of water with the rest of the earth, and its relation to the life of the earth. [Source: ]
  5. 5. According to , Wisler and Brater Hydrology is a science • Processes governing water depletion and replenishment on land. • transportation of water through the air, over the ground surface and through the strata of the earth. • various phases of the hydrologic cycle.
  6. 6. Evolution of Hydrology
  7. 7. Humans first settled along the banks of lakes and rivers, Due to Proper Management of Water canals, levees, dams, subsurface water conduits, and wells were created during that time 5000-6000 years ago 5000-6000 years ago The flow rates and yields of rivers were monitored by the Egyptians. As early as 3800 years ago, Rainfall measuring instruments were first utilizedKautilya of India About 2800 years ago, Continued
  8. 8. Global hydrologic cycle dates back At least 3000 years The Romans developed aqueduct systems The waters in rivers come from precipitation. At least 3000 years The modern scientific approach to studying the hydrologic cycle was initiated. During the 17 century Continued
  9. 9. Mathematics, fluid mechanics, and hydraulics During 18 century The term “hydrology” arrived in its current meaning During 1750 Water Transport in Porous media, ground water flow, sediment and more technical fact about ground water During 1800 First formal recognitions of the scientific status of hydrology. During 1950 Many new breakthroughs in the hydrological sciences are eminent During 21 century
  10. 10. • Does it covers all studies of ocean water????