Introduction to Internet Based Home Business


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A simple presentation that teaches you the fundamental concepts of Internet based Home Based Business. Very useful for people who plan to work from home.

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Introduction to Internet Based Home Business

  1. 1. Surya's International Inc Presents
  2. 2. Introduction to Internet Based Home Business
  3. 3. Introduction With the extensive use of computers, email and Internet in our daily life and geographical boundary becoming insignificant our life pattern has changed. Communication is instant and information deliver is just a click away. One very important change in the recent times that all of us have observed and will surely appreciate is about the way we work, I mean there was a time when we had to travel to the office and physically be present while we are working for the company, but today the situation has changed, no longer you need to travel long distances and be present at the office instead you can do your work from the comfort of your home and delivery it via the Internet. Your salary and other payments that you are eligible to receive from the companies for whom you provide your services are instantly transferred to your bank account in a matter of few minutes irrespective of where you reside around the world. The most interesting thing is that you actually do not even see or hold your money in your hand nor you visit your bank to deposit it but still you get the money into your bank account sent from some other part of the world, isn't it wonderful?
  4. 4. Many companies around the world have realized the tremendous benefits of computers, email and Internet and now with the aid of these facilities they have all started getting their jobs done from individuals and companies who may be from their own city or from some other place around the globe. It does not matter where they are from as long as they can deliver the completed jobs to the companies as expected. This way the companies can save a lot of their money on overheads and the individuals or small time companies can be self employed and work from the comfort of their home earning a decent and a regular income. . . . . .Read on to know more
  5. 5. Present Trends In the recent times we have also observed that there has been population explosion around the world, vehicles have increased by ten times on the roads, more and more flyovers and other concrete structures has taken over the space that was previously beautified by trees and flowers. No doubt there is no space for a common man to walk on the road because the footpath has become a secondary road for the many two wheelers. Time has lost its significance because you can only be sure when you started from your home but cannot be sure when you will reach your destination.
  6. 6. Under such circumstances who would wish to take up jobs that require you to travel long distances instead we would wish to work either within our locality or better than that would be to work from the comfort of our home and earn a decent and a regular income? Are you interested to know more how this is possible? Before you start working from home for any company or individual you will have to prepare yourself. Listed below are the minimum basic requirements that you need to fulfill
  7. 7. Minimum requirements to do Internet Based Jobs a. Preferably have a PC with an Internet connection else you can work from a cybercafe also b. You need to have the basic knowledge of computers, email and Internet c. Knowledge of MS office applications, programming languages like C, PHP, HTML etc, web designing and website maintenance would be an added advantage d. Need to spare about 2- 4 hours / day for part time jobs and 6-8 hours / day for full time jobs e. Have a free account at f. Proper resource to identify the right kind of jobs, a facility to apply for these jobs and after completion a suitable payment system to receive your earnings.
  8. 8. Business Opportunities Available These are a few opportunities available on the Internet - <ul><li>Email Processing </li></ul><ul><li>Programming </li></ul><ul><li>Data Entry </li></ul><ul><li>Data Processing </li></ul><ul><li>Website designing </li></ul><ul><li>Website Maintenance </li></ul><ul><li>Virtual Assistance </li></ul><ul><li>Internet Research </li></ul><ul><li>Copy writing </li></ul><ul><li>Search Engine Optimization </li></ul><ul><li>. . . . and more </li></ul>
  9. 9. These are the few things you need to do while identifying the correct job opportunities on the Internet: a. Before you signup on any job related website make sure to read their terms and conditions. b. While reading the sales page on any job opportunity website try to read between the lines because most of the time the most important information is hidden within these lines. c. Good website who offer genuine jobs will not charge you any money either for registering or any other purpose d. Approach the prospective companies through reliable websites who already has established a platform for both the buyers as well as the providers and who can check out on the reliability of both the companies as well as the providers and stand guarantee for your payment. How to identify the right opportunity?
  10. 10. a. Register in one or more of the freelance websites b. Complete your profile at these website to 100% c. Take up the relevant tests that relates to the kind of jobs that you wish to take up d. Explore for suitable jobs in their job database e. Apply for a few jobs that you feel confident of doing f. After you are selected, start working on the jobs g. Get paid for the jobs that you execute either fixed or hourly basis h. Continue working for either part-time or fulltime and enjoy all the benefits of working from home How to apply for these jobs?
  11. 11. Part-time or Full-time? Based on the numbers of average hours that you can spare everyday you can decide to work either part-time or fulltime. Some companies may hire you for part-time and yet certain other companies may hire you for full-time jobs. Part-time jobs may require you to work everyday for an average of 2-4 hours and for fulltime jobs you may have to work 6-8 hour a day.
  12. 12. How your work is tracked? Every freelance website that provides a platform for buyers as well as providers will have proper softwares in place that systematically tracks your job activities, your accumulated earnings and the payments made. You can login to your account on these websites anytime and view all these details.
  13. 13. How to deliver your work? There are various kinds of jobs that you may do on the Internet. Certain jobs may require you to do the job directly on the server like for example uploading a file, some jobs may require you to complete it on a word document or an excel worksheet or you may also develop a software program. You can deliver all these jobs to your client as a file attachment.
  14. 14. How to receive your payment? You can receive your payment through, wire transfer, money-brokers, bank checks etc. In case of fixed rate jobs the payments are made after the job is completed and in case of hourly based jobs you get paid every week.
  15. 15. How much can you earn? Your earnings are entirely dependent on your knowledge, experience, quality of work that you deliver, timely completion of work and the total number of hours you work.
  16. 16. We thank you for your time and interest to view this presentation. We hope it was useful to you. For more information and resources on Internet Based Jobs visit Concept developed and produced by Surendra Kapadia (ceo) Surya's International Inc Bangalore, Karnataka, India Phone: 9972130725