Golden triangle tour package and India Golden Triangle Tour


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Surya Reisedienst offers you best tour and travel packages for Golden Triangle Tour. Book Now your Golden Triangle tour India.

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Golden triangle tour package and India Golden Triangle Tour

  1. 1. Surya Reisedienst was incorporated in1984 as an inbound Tours operatingcompany in India, recognized by TheMinistry of Tourism Govt. of India ,Indian Association of Tours Operators (IATO ) & Travel Agent Association ofIndia ( TAAI) .Surya Reisedienst specializes in tailormade programmes for individuals andgroup which include cultural, specialinterest, trekking, wildlife, educationalTours, honeymooners packages,ayurveda and pilgrimage Tours. Wework closely with all individual andchain hotels in India.
  2. 2. Come, Seek and Discover. Match Indiasrhythms to your heart, its colors toyour mind, and find a travel experiencethat is yours alone. An India like noother. Friendly, warm, welcoming ...and uniquely your own.EXPERIENCE INDIAA myriad expressions of India’sheritage and traditions
  3. 3. India offers a different aspect of herpersonality –exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic --to each traveller to the country. In thissection, we aim to help you choose thatparticular experience which will shapeyour vision of the country.Attrections:A. DelhiB. AgraC. Jaipur Golden Triangle TourD. BangloreE. MysoreF. CoorgG. CochinH. MunnarI. PeriyarJ. House Boat
  4. 4. if you are planning to visit India for thefirst time, there is no better optionthan the Golden Triangle Tour -Covering Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.Golden Triangle Tour is the mostpopular tourist circuit in India. Thisincredible Golden Triangle TourItinerary comprising the three famouscities of India-Delhi, Agra and Jaipurhaving grandeur, glory & history.
  5. 5. Delhi, the capital of India, has a richhistory. The city is dotted withspellbinding mosques, forts, andmonuments left over from the Mughalrulers that once occupied the city. Thecontrast between rambling Old Delhiand well planned New Delhi isimmense, and its interesting to spendtime exploring both.Attrections:A. Chandni Chowk and Red FortB. Humayuns TombC. Lodi GardensD. Qutab MinarE. India Gate
  6. 6. Taj Mahal is regarded as one of theeight wonders of the world, and someWestern historians have noted that itsarchitectural beauty has never beensurpassed. The Taj is the mostbeautiful monument built by theMughals, the Muslim rulers of India. TajMahal is built entirely of white marble.Its stunning architectural beauty isbeyond adequatedescription, particularly at dawn andsunset. The Taj seems to glow in thelight of the full moon. On a foggymorning, the visitors experience theTaj as if suspended when viewed fromacross the Jamuna river.
  7. 7. Rajasthans beautiful Pink CityJaipur, was the stronghold of a clan ofrulers whose three hill forts and seriesof palaces in the city are importantattractions. Known as the Pink Citybecause of the colour of the stone usedexclusively in the walled city, Jaipursbazaars sell embroidered leathershoes, blue pottery, tie and dye scarvesand other exotic wares. WesternRajasthan itself forms a convenientcircuit, in the heart of the Thar desertwhich has shaped its history, lifestylesand architecture.
  8. 8. The majestic looking Vidhan Soudhalocated in Bangalore is a marvel ofneo-Dravidian architecture and one ofthe most imposing building not only inbangalore but also in India.Attrections:A. Vidhana SoudhaB. Bangalore PalaceC. Attara Kacheri (High Court)
  9. 9. The Mysore Palace is one of the chiefMysore tourists attractions and is aliving exponent of the Indo Saracenicstyle of architecture. The palace wasconstructed in the year 1912 for thetwenty fourth king of the Wodeyardynasty. Designed by the Britisharchitect, Henry Irwin, the palace ofMysore is one of the biggest palaces ofthe country.AttrectionsA. Mysore PalaceB. Brindavan GardensC. Jaganmohana PalaceD. Lalitha Mahal Palace
  10. 10. Coorg, also known as the ‘Scotland ofIndia’, is famous for its coffee estatesand its misty mountains. Thismountainous district in Karnataka alsooffers exciting white water raftingfacilities, and it is slowly growing intoan extreme sport destination.
  11. 11. Set on a cluster of islands and apeninsula, Cochin (now, Kochi) is ablend of medieval Portugal, Hollandand an English country village. Hereyou can see the oldest church in India,winding streets crammed with 500-year old Portuguese houses,cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, awell-settled Jewish community, a 16thcentury synagogue and a palace builtby the Portuguese and given to theRaja of Cochin
  12. 12. Munnar - breathtakingly beautiful - ahaven of peace and tranquility - theidyllic tourist destination in Gods owncountry.Unending expanse of tea plantations -pristine valleys and mountains- exoticspecies of flora and fauna in its wildsanctuaries and forests - aroma ofspice scented cool air - yes! Munnarhas all these and more. Its the placeyou would love to visit - its the placeyou would wish never to leave- sowelcome - log on to forall information on Munnar anytime,every time.
  13. 13. One of the most enchanting holidaydestinations in India, Kerala is knownfor its heavenly ambience. Munnar isfamous for its rolling hills, teaplantations, beautiful lake, gardens andwildlife parks. A special thrill of visitingKerala is a ride on a houseboat. Madein traditional Kerala style, you canspend a full day and night here whileyou glide down the Vembanadu Lake. Acook is also available here to feed youtraditional Kerala fares. Its a wonderfulexperience.
  14. 14. Periyar, Thekkady, Periyar NationalPark, call it what you will. This is hometo the ferocious predator, the elusiveBig Cat. One of the quietest nationalpark, it is also possibly one of the fewwhere you would actually walk throughthe rough terrain. The land is beautiful,yes. But who would have ever imaginedthat this was one poachersparadise.The location is perfect, amidstrolling hills and mist-laden clouds andcentered by a beautiful lake, fromwhere come the humming sounds ofthe monkeys and the sudden growl of atiger that just darts by.
  15. 15. Thiruvananthapuram means "City ofLord Anantha" in Sanskrit andMalayalam. The name derives from thedeity of the Hindu temple at the centreof the city. Anantha is the serpentShesha on whom Padmanabhan orVishnu reclines. The temple of Vishnureclining on Anantha, the SriPadmanabhaswamy temple remains theiconic landmark of the city.AttractionsA. Kovalam BeachB. Shangumugham BeachC. Palace MuseumD. Padmanabhapuram Palace